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Drug Addiction Counselling

Battling a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction is incredibly difficult as it’s not just fighting against alcohol itself it’s fighting against the body. The patient’s body will have become so used to its daily fix of these harmful substances that any attempt at abstinence will result in the body fighting back through withdrawal symptoms. Many people who try to battle their addictions end up failing because of their underlying problems that could be holding them back. Drug addictions counselling can help with this, but counselling can only be sought-out through the self-will of the drug addict.

What is an Addiction?

Counselling may be required to deal with an addiction, but addictions themselves are hard to break as they develop over long periods of time. A drug addiction or an alcohol addiction is where the user has to take in the harmful substance compulsively. If they fail to then they will often find that they can’t function for the day, and that applies to carrying out basic daily tasks like eating and washing. This is because the body has developed a drug dependency, so it now considers that this substance is helping it as tolerance levels have reached such high levels that it no longer feels bad to take in too much. The body can have a marijuana addiction or a cocaine addiction, so there’s little differentiation between the drugs.

Addictions can be beaten, though. The main way to beat an addiction is through drug addictions counselling as they can target the problems that have caused the addiction in the first place.

Seeking Out Counselling

Seeking out counselling is a difficult thing to do because it’s to start with the drug addict admitting that they have a problem. Many people with some sort of drug or alcohol dependency just can’t do that. A family intervention is a common method of getting addicts to confront their problems, but there are not always people who are willing to help. Admittance is nearly always done through self-will, so when that day comes it’s time to take advantage of it by seeking out addictions counselling.

The first step will be to make an appointment with the local doctor. Doctors are not just good at getting the right counsellors to deal with an addiction they are also fantastic at diagnosing any health problems. If the patient has been addicted to drugs for a long time then they may have some underlying health problems that they haven’t yet come to terms with. A trained health professional will be able to notice these immediately, and will often send the person off to hospital for a check-up.

Once the immediate problem of health has been addressed it will then be time to seek counselling. Depending on the severity of the addict’s problems, their doctor may decide that it’s best to send them off to a rehabilitation treatment centre for counselling. They may be there as an inpatient or an outpatient, which will be assessed by looking at their history and their risk of having a relapse or any serious withdrawal symptoms.

Drug and Alcohol Addictions Counselling

When a councillor is found the long process of confronting those demons can then begin. An alcohol addiction and a drug addiction is connected is that there are nearly always underlying issues that drove the patient to this form of self-harm. Rarely is it purely just because of the addictive nature of the substance itself. With the amount of information that’s available to the public these days people know that these substances are harmful before they take them in. But they are driven to self-harm by a serious and traumatic issue.

The councillor will assess exactly what type of problems the addict is suffering from. For some it’s depression, which could be over a loss of a family member or over the meltdown of a long term relationship. Other people may just be angry, but they aren’t releasing their anger into the world so they are just taking in these substances in an attempt to feel some sort of release. Some even suffer from both as they are depressed yet they are angry that they are depressed as the belief is that they are weak to suffer from an addiction. Addictions counselling will soon reinforce that dependency on any drug can happen to even the greatest of people and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. They are doing the right thing by seeking help at a rehab centre.

Key to Successful Drug and Alcohol Addictions Counselling

The key to successful counselling is actually split into two parts. The first part can only be accomplished by the patient. If they have a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction then it’s up to them to have faith in the process. They have to make sure that they can be completely open and honest with the counsellor. If there’s any distrust between the patient and the person trying to help them then there’s no chance of success.

The professional running the counselling session also has a duty. It’s their duty to keep up the pressure on the patient. If there’s a sensitive topic or things that are difficult to confront then they have to confront them. They can’t identify with the patient or attempt to justify what they’ve been doing to themselves. It sounds cruel and harsh to be doing something like this, but firmness is going to equal success in the long run.

Group or Individual Drug Addictions Counselling?

When somebody is suffering from alcohol or drug dependency there are the options of having group or individual sessions with a professional at a drug rehab clinic. It’s very much a matter of preference as to which one seems the most comfortable. Within a drug rehabilitation treatment clinic there will be a mix of both, and it’s important that both types are sought-out as they each have different advantages. Group sessions are perfect for the acceptance part of the program, whereas private sessions are marvellous for discussing any private issues or concerns.

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