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Finding recovery help is the first task that any drug addict will have to deal with. It can be incredibly difficult as it's the first time that they are admitting that they have a problem. Once help has been sought things just get even harder as the rehabilitation and detoxification processes will begin. Even though it's one of the most difficult things any individual will do, they should attempt to concentrate on just finding addiction help first at one of the many treatment centers situated throughout the majority of major cities.

There's an Addiction Problem

This is the part of getting recovery help that a lot of people have problems with. Any individual who wants to seek out some form of addiction treatment will have to do this. Whilst they are at an addiction treatment centre there will be no such thing as an addict that doesn't exist. Everybody is an addict and everybody has a problem. Only when they can admit this are they truly ready for rehabilitation and detoxification.

People tend to first see that they have an issue when they are shown it. Granted, sometimes it comes through an epiphany that seems to come out of nowhere. Sometimes it's the time when they truly reach rock bottom, such as in the case of being arrested, but most of the time they first have to look into a mirror.

The only way to get addiction help is to look into a mirror and see what has happened. A trusted family member or friend should be the person to do this because otherwise it may never happen on its own. The simplest way to do it is just to demonstrate that there's a significant amount of pain being caused to members of the family or other friends. Have those people tell them as part of a controlled intervention session. The only thing to say is that it should be done whilst they are sober and alert or they could turn out to be aggressive and violent.

The Journey to Treatment Centers

Just because somebody has admitted that they have a problem doesn't mean that they are going to do anything about. Sufferers will often not see the point of fixing themselves due to lingering issues that have coloured their views of the world and their place in it. If they won't go to find addiction recovery services then it's up to those around them to force them into going. Physically, it can't be done; nor is that even legal. What can be done is some gentle coaxing, however.

Before going into this sort of addiction help plan, remember that performing these actions will seem cruel and it will be hard for the individual who is doing it. Sometimes it's important to be cruel since it's the kindest thing that can be done. The individual who needs addiction treatment isn't the true person. It's a corrupted version under the iron grip of substance abuse and drug misuse.

Rehabilitation Tactics

The first thing that should be done is that any supply lines should be cut off. It's amazing just how many people stand in the way of rehabilitation by providing the sufferer with money to buy drugs or money to get to the place where they buy drugs. Some concerned parents have even driven their offspring to the designated places so that they can get a fix. This is one of the hardest things to do since they are going to try anything in order to reconnect those lines of supply.

Secondly, any consequences need to be addressed. A lot of concerned individuals will not just allow the ones they love to sit in a jail cell or a hospital bed. Instead, they will bail them out with no heed to the fact that they require drug recovery help. These people are adults. If they are old enough to take drugs and to deal in substance abuse then they are old enough to cope with the consequences of their actions. Often, if they hit rock bottom and seriously damage themselves publicly it can be the spark that encourages them to seek out rehab, so it's worth it.

A final tactic is to operate a controlled intervention with family and friends. This is the traditional way of encouraging somebody to find help and it's remarkably effective. By just sitting somebody down and allowing people to speak honestly and openly it can make them understand. If things are not going well with the individual, as in they are not responding to what's been said, then an ultimatum can even be offered at the intervention. Either they seek addiction recovery or they are removed from the household. It's rare that something like this doesn't work.

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