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Alcoholism - Addiction Treatment

Seeking alcoholism addiction treatment through an alcoholic recovery program can bring up a lot of deep-rooted issues that may have been buried for years. It's an emotional time and it can be incredibly difficult for many alcoholics within these treatment centres to cope with. One thing is clear, however, and that is that patients tend to come through these experiences in a better state of mind. Within an alcoholic recovery program the key is targeting and resolving those issues that drove them to alcohol misuse in the first place.

Cause and Effect

What many people don't realise is that individuals don't enter an alcoholism treatment program because they drink alcohol. They join one of these treatment programs in order to seek help with the problems that drove them to drink alcohol in the first place. It's a case of cause and effect. Something has caused the individual to drink alcohol. Alcohol abuse is the effect and it's up to the trained addiction counsellors as part of an alcoholic addiction treatment program to discover just what that cause is.

For some people, it can take months of hard alcoholism addiction treatment to find the cause of their alcohol abuse. These patients tend to be on residential alcoholism treatments within alcohol rehab clinics and they may renew their initial 12-week program as the counsellors need more time. High alcohol dependent patients who have deep-rooted issues are often the people who need the most attention within their alcoholic recovery program group.

What Causes Alcohol Abuse?

There is no clear answer as to what exactly causes somebody to be in a situation where they might need alcoholism addiction treatment. Experts have tried to find the root cause of it, but they have never been able to come up with a clear answer. Instead, what they have come up with is a theory that alcohol misuse arises as a result of a number of different situations.

Understanding Alcoholism

To properly understand these situations it's necessary to understand exactly how alcohol works. When somebody drinks alcohol on a regular basis they will always gain that warm feeling inside. It makes them feel good about themselves, and even intoxication can equal a feeling of pleasure. Naturally, the individual is going to crave these feelings once again. Eventually, they are going to end up within an alcoholic recovery program as they have desired these feelings so much that they just keep drinking. Over time, it takes more copious amounts of the substance in order to gain that same feeling. Without realising it, they have now become a prime candidate for alcoholism treatments within an alcohol rehab facility.

Now that leads to the question of exactly why somebody would crave these feelings or why they believe that they can only get it through what is essentially on the same level as hard drug abuse. Through heavy drinking feelings can be forgotten and blacking out eliminates memories, even long term ones.

People may desire to eliminate any painful memories they may have by drinking alcohol. If they find a particularly painful memory that suddenly disappears through regular drinking then the first thing that they are going to do is continue drinking in an attempt to eliminate any other memories that they are not particularly fond of. Before they know it they are then in need of alcoholism treatments to repair their damaged bodies.

Painful Memories

Painful memories are the most common cause of alcoholism. Just some of the scenarios where people turn to drink are listed below. It should be noted, however, that this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. If any of these issues apply then it's strongly recommended that the individual seeks alcoholism addiction treatment.

  • Physical and mental abuse as a child or young person.
  • Consistent disappointment or failure within academic studies or a career.
  • Sexual abuse as a child or young person.
  • Neglect by family members or friends.

Understandably, all of these issues are difficult to confront and can only be confronted through addiction counselling as part of an alcoholism addiction treatment session within an alcohol rehab clinic. It will definitely be emotional, but once these issues are removed the individual will have no reason to continue drinking. Once the root has gone then the withdrawal symptoms caused by frequent consumption can be cured through various alcoholism treatments.


Counselling is where these issues will be confronted. There are various different methods of counselling, and the techniques used within each alcohol addiction clinic will differ heavily. The two major types of support via counselling come within an individual setting and a group setting.

Individual counselling is where these issues will be delved into. Private issues don't have to be divulged anywhere other than with the health care professional within the alcoholism addiction treatment counselling unit. The only person who will know is the counsellor, and they won't reveal any of the information to anyone without the prior consent of the patient. These are often the most important sessions as it's where discovering the reasoning for the patient's alcohol abuse will be at the centre of everything.

Group sessions do sometimes have people who want to reveal their personal issues to the group. It has to be mentioned that nobody is compelled to do this. It's entirely up to the individual as to how much they reveal to the group and to whom. People are encouraged to speak up and to be completely open about their problems, but it doesn't necessarily mean that the individual can't be cured due to this.

The support system is created within a group setting and it's where people can begin to feel as if they are part of a community. Communities are important when trying to abstain from alcohol within an alcohol addiction clinic as it's often the only thing separating a patient from failure during the difficult times that they are sure to encounter at some point.

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