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Addiction to Religion

As the white smoke plumed from the chimneys of the Vatican last night hundreds of thousands of worshippers gathered in St Peter's Square to celebrate and welcome their new pope.

The gathering in Rome was a celebration, and many draws strength from visiting the Vatican every year. Religion can be spiritually savouring and give one a greater sense of being. Belief in a higher power can help some people through their life if they are believers of a particular faith.But some people take this too fa religion dominates their life and tells them what to think, how to feel and what to do. The religious addict uses this to to stop them having to face their real-life problemsBut when does being religious turn into something much more dangerous - religious addiction?

Psychologists reckon that the "high" experienced from being righteous and practising often extreme religious beliefs is similar to the feelings experienced when taking cocaine. As increasing amounts of often right wing religious fanatics publicise their views on modern times developments, the religious addict feels that they are, indeed right and perhaps infallible.

Addicted to preachings and Scripture as, these religious events and texts to feed their habit and like a mindnumbing mantra they use it to escape their problems in everyday life. In common with other addiction's like drugs and alcoholism, they are unable to see how their extreme views affects others

The symptoms of Religious Addiction

People suffering from religious addiction may display differences symptoms. There will be no grey areas in their belief, they will be very matter-of-fact and there will be no room for negotiation. The religious addict may be hostile close to any criticism are questioning of their beliefs. Religious addicts may renounce the flesh and consider the world is something that is inherently evil. Pleasures of the flesh are often renounced have sex is seen as something that is dirty or bad. They may judge others harshly; and may even be here defiantly towards those they consider to be sinners or nonbelievers.

Religious Addiction takes over

Like any addiction, religious addiction can spill over into other areas of the worshippers' life. That's when it becomes a problem and they may start to change as they reject their nonreligious friends and start spending more time with people who share their extreme version of faith. Sufferers may choose to isolate themselves from family to as they dedicate themselves freely to their religion. It is one thing to practice religion but another entirely to be overzealous and fanatical.

Obsessive Behaviour

They may be obsessive about going to church, prayers, Bible reading, watching sermons and evangelists online or on television. Someone suffering from religious addiction may also send lots of money to missions and religious organisations. They may experience conflict between their religious beliefs and education and medical establishments and practices.

Talking to God

In some cases, the religious addict may believe that God speaks directly to them. They may go into chances and stare into space as the "communicate" with God. They may talk about God all the time, quoting from the Bible or reciting sermons. The overzealous will try and convince friends and family into the way of thinking and may use manipulation and emotional abuse to "groom" them.

Religious addiction is a difficult one to treat-there is no arguing with a religous addict using evidence, reason or logic. Often professional help would be required in helping a religious addiction as it is so difficult to do alone.

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