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Ex-Rock Singer Jailed for Sexual Assault

Hooper, the former singer of Karrallon, a rock band from Plymouth, has admitted to sexual assault and will now face more than five years in prison. The alcoholic singer slapped and beat the woman during an unrelenting attack. She suffered black eyes, neck pain, a bruised face, and a bruised and swollen hand during the attack. The woman was sexually assaulted by Hooper, who also held her throat and squeezed, letting go before she passed out.

Alcohol to Blame

Defending barrister, Piers Norsworthy told of how Hooper has been receiving help for alcoholism since being in remand and how the singer has suffered with this addiction for many years. Mr Norsworthy said, "This is the first time in his life that he has accepted that he should never drink alcohol again. In the past when he has done wrong he always thought he would be in control of the drink, not the drink in control of him."

The judge recognised that Hooper had shown remorse and gave him credit for admitting the offense and for seeking help for his addiction. Upon leaving the courtroom, Hooper turned to his victim and apologised.

The Scourge of Alcoholism

As in the case of Paul Hooper, an alcohol addiction can ruin the lives of those addicted and, in some cases, innocent victims. Hooper now has a criminal record and his victim must live with the memory of the vicious attack she suffered at the hands of an individual on a drink-fuelled rage.

One of biggest side effects of drinking too much alcohol is aggression and many people are admitted to hospitals all over the country every day after suffering at the hands of someone who has had too much alcohol.

Some people suffer the abuse of alcoholic partners or parents on a regular basis and, as with Hooper, the person with the addiction often feels that he or she is in control when, in fact, the complete opposite is true.

Getting Help Early

It is vital for those with alcohol addiction to get help early, before the problem gets worse. Had Paul Hooper sought help for his addiction earlier, this attack might not have happened and two people's lives may not have been destroyed as a consequence.

There are many places from which alcoholics can get help but the problem is that many of the affected individuals will not admit to having an addiction until the situation is out of control. It is often up to the family of the alcoholic to offer an ultimatum in order to force them to get the help they so badly need.

Where to Get Help

Alcoholics who want to get help can do so in numerous places. Here at Rehab Helper, we offer a free invaluable service to those suffering with addiction. We know that alcoholism is an illness requiring specialist treatment and we have many counsellors who will support and advise alcoholics and their families through this difficult time. We will put you in touch with the most suitable rehabilitation centre, wherever that many be.

Why You Need Help Today

The longer an alcoholic is left untreated, the worse the addiction will become. Constant abuse of alcohol can lead to many problems including depression, anxiety, paranoia, and, as in the case of Paul Hooper, aggression. There is also the issue with alcohol related diseases such as liver cirrhosis and some types of cancer. In many cases, alcoholism can lead to death, so needs to be treated sooner rather than later.


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