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Until an alcoholic admits there is a problem with their drinking there is very little that can be done to make them stop. Not until the make the decision for themselves it is unlikely that any rehab attempts to be successful. Beating an alcohol addiction is very difficult and the problem drinker must make a significant commitment to giving up drinking. There is no point going in half-hearted as any attempts are likely to fail. Asking for help Someone with an addiction to alcohol may find it difficult to ask for help. They may feel that they have failed that they are weak and may not to want to admit to having a problem. It can be practically impossible for an alcoholic to give up drinking alone. They may need specialist treatment and support after they admitted that they have lost control over their alcohol consumption. We can provide expert advice in the best ways to give up drinking. We can also provide support for family who've been affected by alcoholism. Giving up alcohol. Giving up alcohol suddenly for a heavy drinker can be dangerous to their health. Where a physical addiction to alcohol is present, the body may be used to functioning with alcohol and it system and any sudden stopping can pose fatal risks to health. The body may be sent into a state of shock by sudden withdrawal from alcohol so detox should always be undertaken with medical supervision. Drinking diary It may be useful to keep a drinking diary. According whenever the user drinks, who they are drinking less and how they were feeling when they started drinking can help them identify routines and habits associated with alcohol. This in turn will help them avoid triggers and situations in the future where they may be tempted to drink. Drinking diary can be an invaluable tool in the rehabilitation process. Taking care Taking better care of oneself if you are suffering from addiction is a really good idea. Simply drinking more water will help flush some of the toxins the alcohol leaves in your body. Eating a healthy nutritious diet can help your body build strength to help beat addiction. Alcohol ravages the body and depletes it of vital nutrients so a good diet is essential. Seeking help quickly There is often treatment available on the NHS for alcohol addiction. These resources however are often heavily oversubscribed and it may take a long time to receive treatment. As soon as someone is ready to accept help with an alcohol problem then steps should be taken immediately to seek recovery options The benefits of seeking help immediately are immense. The sooner is an addiction can be arrested the sooner it can be treated. Addiction is a disease which cannot be cured it can be arrested and strategies can be put in place to avoid relapse. Coping mechanisms and counselling help teach recovering alcoholic to not only stop drinking but to remain sober for the future. By not waiting to ask for help and seek rehab options the problem drinker is less likely to turn back to the bottle in the meantime.

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