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The Danger of Resorting to Criminal Behaviour to Fund Addiction

Many suffering from a gambling addiction will go to extraordinary lengths to get their hands on funds to feed their addiction. Gambling can be financially draining once an addiction develops, with many sufferers soon exhausting all of their available funds.

Gambling addiction has become a serious problem for many individuals all over the UK; this is largely because it has become so accessible. It is now possible to gamble online no matter where you are. Almost everyone has access to the internet these days and gambling can be done from a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet device. Those with addictions to gambling no longer have to leave their house and head to the nearest casino or betting shop - they can simply sit at home, or even on the bus, and feed their habit.


Nonetheless, the problem with a gambling addiction is the fact that it requires a lot of money. Unlike drugs or alcohol where the addict will pay for the substance they crave and then get their hit, gambling requires constant funds to give the addict the thrill they seek.

Most gambling addicts will soon run out of available cash and, when that happens, they may begin to borrow or steal from family members or friends. When this source of funds dries up, they may begin to target strangers out of sheer desperation.

This is what happened to Nicholas Hewitt, who targeted 76 strangers and conned them out of a total of £23,090.

Despite having convictions for fraud, Hewitt carried on targeting strangers while on bail and due in court. He was sentenced to thirty-two months in prison for his crimes.

Gambling Addiction

Hewitt admitted the offences and blamed a gambling addiction in a letter to the judge. However, Judge Michael Fowler was unimpressed with his excuse and told him, "You were calculated in setting a trap with adverts on Gumtree, trapping your prey, people trusting the system and trusting others."

He also branded Hewitt a conman who had developed a system designed to target others.


Hewitt's first victim was a man who had placed an advert on Gumtree requesting alloy wheels for his Vauxhall Astra. Hewitt called the man and told him he could supply the wheels for £250. The victim paid the money but never received the alloys. Hewitt carried out similar offences and often used false names. He was also using two former girlfriends' bank accounts.

Acknowledging the Problem

Hewitt's solicitor, Nicola Hunter, said her client knows that he needs help and accepts it is a serious situation. She said, "He has previously come to court, saying, 'I have a problem, I need help'. He now knows he needs to help himself."

Help for Addiction

Any addiction can destroy the lives of those affected as well as the lives of their families. However, addiction is an illness and, as such, needs to be treated. Those with addiction often feel as though they have no one to talk to and it can be very lonely.

Fortunately, there is help available for addiction; Rehab Helper can provide information and advice on where to get that help. We are a free referral service working with addicts and their families. Our expert advisors will provide a listening ear to those who need it and will support them through the process of rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one needs help for addiction, call Rehab Helper today. We will listen to you and assess your situation before providing you with a free referral to an appropriate treatment provider based on your circumstances. Call today for more information



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