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What is the difference between Detox and Rehabilitation?

A detox refers to the process of eliminating a substance or chemical from an individual's body. To give an identifiable example, some of you may have decided to quit sugar or caffeine before now, due to unwanted side effects such as weight gain or insomnia. Stopping the sugar or caffeine will cause the body to crave the substance as it has become used to functioning with it. You may experience symptoms such as tiredness, headaches and cravings. With alcohol and drugs, if used for prolonged periods of time, the body will develop a tolerance; in other words become used to functioning with it. The result of withdrawing is the same, the body will crave, but in some cases and depending on the substance and amounts used previously, with far stronger and more serious symptoms.

UK Rehab recommends detoxing under medical supervision, in order to avoid any unnecessary risks or health implications. Detoxing from drugs or alcohol is not pleasant, especially if the individual has been using for some time and in substantial quantities. Some substances such as alcohol and Vallium should only be withdrawn from the body slowly over a period of time, or be substituted with a suitable medication to minimize the health implications and risks associated with detoxing. Detoxes can be carried out in the community or within the safe medically supervised environment of a treatment centre.

Rehabilitation refers to the process of the individual rebuilding themselves having undergone a detox. Having had the substance removed, the individual will be extremely vulnerable to relapse, even when a substitute medication is used. Very few individuals become addicted by accident, they consistently seek out the effect they get from the substance of their choice, as it provides them initially with an escape from the real world, as time goes on and their body adjusts to having the substance, they become bodily and mentally dependant on the substance to function on a day to day basis, to help deal with their emotions and problems. It stops being an escape and becomes a necessity. To withdraw from the substance leaves them unable to deal with their emotions and day to day living, unresolved issues from which they originally sought an escape come back to haunt them and they are left feeling vulnerable, frightened and unable to cope. Rehabilitation usually involves intensive therapy, carried out by qualified professionals, to help the individual deal with and process the issues that are under pinning their addiction. Rehabilitation also provides the individual with vital tools for living and coping. It may involve a number of therapies; dependant on the individual's needs, such as Cognitive Behavioural therapy, Counselling, trauma or bereavement therapy, 12 step therapy, and holistic therapies. Each individual will have different needs and a bespoke therapy program usually achieves the best results. For more information where such programs and detoxes can be accessed , please call our helpline on 08004488688 or 2031511488.

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