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Alcohol rehab or alcohol rehabilitation refers to the treatment of alcoholism. It is the most powerful, effective way of treating alcohol dependence. Alcohol rehab gets to the very root of alcohol addiction, addresses its physical and psychological nature, and helps the affected individual to develop coping strategies to live a life free from alcohol abuse.

Alcohol rehabilitation is not a quick fix, and it requires the alcoholic to be completely committed to recovery. Typically, rehab lasts between a few weeks to many months, depending on the severity of the problem. And once the period of rehab has been completed, the individual will require ongoing aftercare and support in order to prevent relapse.

Rehab for alcoholism is most effective in a residential treatment clinic or hospital. It allows alcoholics to solely focus on their recovery without the distraction or stresses of the outside world. There is around-the clock-care from experienced medical professionals, and continuous support from others in the same situation. Outpatient rehab is more suited to those with a lesser alcohol problem, or those who have already undergone residential treatment and just need a bit of extra support.

The first stage of alcohol rehab is usually a period of detoxification, or detox. This is a process to safely remove the alcohol toxins from the body. Medication is usually prescribed to minimise the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Every alcohol rehab clinic is different but most offer a holistic approach to treat the mind, body and soul. They provide a structured programme of psychological, social and educational therapy which is usually tailored to individual needs.

Rehab clinics use various models of addiction treatment. The most commonly used model is the 12 step abstinence philosophy which was originally proposed by Alcoholics Anonymous as a method of recovery from alcoholism. This is often combined with other therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and psychotherapy.

Treatment in alcohol rehabs normally involves individual counselling where alcoholics can explore the issues underlying their addiction, and group therapy where fellow addicts share experiences and gain support from each other. Sessions often include life skills, relapse prevention, nutrition and anger management. Most treatment clinics offer a range of complementary alternative therapies, such as art therapy, drama therapy, yoga and massage.

Alcohol rehab is not the end of the recovery process. Alcoholics are at great risk of relapse as alcohol is so widely available. It is therefore essential for clients to undergo an extended period of aftercare, such as local addiction counselling and attendance of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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