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The best alcohol treatment centers all have things in common. It's precisely what makes them the places where the best alcohol treatment can be found. Distinguishing between an alcohol treatment clinic that provides great alcohol abuse rehab and an alcohol addiction treatment clinic that can't provide the addiction rehab that's needed isn't easy, though. Many people who suffer from alcoholism will simply choose the facility that's closest to them. And that's precisely the thinking that causes them to fail in the long run. Here are just some of the factors that define the best alcohol treatment centers.

Clean and Luxurious

The best alcohol treatment centers will always make sure that the residents who reside there for their treatments are living in luxury. It's not about rewarding them for their bad addiction habits it's about making sure that they don't have to think about anything else but getting better. Those who have an alcohol addiction will often live in squalor as they will be too busy drinking or recovering from drinking to do anything about it.

Instead, providing clean beds and clean bathrooms for use by patients can make sure that they are not concentrating on this. If they are not intoxicated then they could become uneasy with dirty and decrepit surroundings. Spot the best alcohol treatment facilities by taking a look at the type of accommodation they are offering their patients. The same thing applies to outpatient centers, though. Don't assume that just because patients aren't living there that it shouldn't be a pristine building.

Track Record

Obviously, the best alcohol treatment centers are going to be those who can provide alcohol abuse rehab that actually works. So many centers will provide lots of different treatments that aim to target certain issues, but the fact is that they don't work. If they don't work out for the best then they are not doing their jobs correctly. An alcohol treatment clinic is not just designed to provide sobriety to people in the short term, they are designed to instill long term beliefs that can help these sufferers live a life of teetotalism.

It's hard to get accurate results as staying teetotal for life is something that's hard to measure. Doctors, however, are well aware of which alcohol addiction treatment clinics perform a great service and which ones don't, as a result of the feedback that they have gained from their patients.


Some people would characterize the best alcohol treatment centers by only having a small number of patients residing with them at any one time. This is not something that should necessarily differentiate the best alcohol treatment centers from a poor alcohol treatment clinic. The important thing to look at is the staff ratios. Alcohol abuse rehab is about providing constant support to those who need it the most. If a facility houses 100 patients and has 100 staff then that's a good place to reside in. If, however, an alcohol addiction clinic has 10 patients to 3 members of staff then this isn't a good thing as it drastically cuts down on the individual time provided to each person.


The idea behind alcohol addiction treatment is that alcoholism is cured behind closed doors. The outside world should be shut off and there shouldn't be any distractions to deter patients from their goal of quitting alcohol for life. The best alcohol treatment centers will be situated in locations where patients can switch off and concentrate on their immediate ambitions.

City center locations are not automatically prohibited as there are many London alcohol treatment clinics that are situated amidst the hustle and bustle of city center work and toil. The important thing is that there are fences or gardens that put some distance between people who are suffering from alcoholism and everybody else. Ideally, though, it's a good idea to get out of the city as many of the best alcohol treatment centers have set up shop in the more rural areas of the country.

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