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Drug Treatment

Drug treatment in the UK can be accessed in a number of different ways. You can start by being assessed by a GP, you can visit a support group or professional counsellor, or you can call an organisation like ours in order to find private treatment at a residential rehab clinic. A lot of it depends on the severity of your problem and the drugs being used.

Before we go any further, we want to let you know that we are an invaluable referral service with the mission to assist anyone who contacts us in need of help. UK-Rehab works with private treatment clinics all over the country as well as support groups, counsellors, community-based services and the NHS. There’s no need to continue living with a drug problem if you are ready to get out.

Signs and Symptoms

Are you visiting our site because you suspect you might have a drug problem? If so, there are some general signs you or your friends might recognise. If you notice any of the following, please get in touch with us right away:

  • you use drugs first thing in the morning
  • you plan your day around drug use
  • you worry about having enough drugs around
  • you’re willing to go to great lengths to get drugs
  • you get defensive when others question your drug use
  • you work hard to cover up what you’re doing
  • you find you’re gradually using more.

If you notice just one or two of the signs, you may be considered a drug abuser but not an addict. If you exhibit more than just a few of them, there is a strong likelihood you are already addicted.

Drug Treatment through the NHS

The NHS has set up a number of drug treatment centres around the UK. You can visit one if you suspect you are in the midst of a drug problem. You can also see your GP if no drug treatment service exists near where you live. In either case, you will be assessed by a medical professional and then assigned to a key worker.

In most cases, a doctor will conduct your assessment. However, sometimes registered nurses or drug specialists can perform this function. Please understand that it is the job of the medical professional to assess the severity of your drug problem in order to devise an effective treatment plan. You may be recommended for the following types of treatment:

  • Detox - Any individual who is diagnosed as a drug addict will need to undergo detox in order to get well. Detox can be conducted on either an inpatient, outpatient or home basis. Inpatient detox takes place via a seven-day stay at an NHS clinic. Outpatient detox is conducted by having the drug addict visit the facility every day during treatment. Home detox is conducted at home with the help of a registered nurse.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Also known as CBT, this therapy is designed to get to the heart of why a person uses drugs and the thought processes and emotions behind it. It then teaches the recovering addict strategies to avoid those things that trigger addictive behaviour.
  • 12-Step Work - The 12-step programme developed by Alcoholics Anonymous has also proved very effective for drug addiction. This programme is one that lays out a very clear strategy by which the recovering addict learns to take responsibility for him or herself and their life. It works best within a support group setting.
  • Counselling - Counselling is another tool that has proven effective for drug treatment purposes. Counselling can take place within a group or one-on-one with the professional counsellor. There are a variety of community-based organisations and professionals offering drug treatment counselling.
Drug Treatment at a Private Clinic

When one of our clients chooses treatment through a private clinic, he or she may choose between outpatient and inpatient care. Outpatient care is a better choice for abusers who are not yet addicts, as it is more flexible and less costly. Inpatient care is the best choice for hard-core addicts.

Also known as residential treatment, inpatient care involves a residential stay at a facility for a period of 4 to 12 weeks. The first week is spent in detox, followed by psychotherapeutic treatments for the remainder of the term. Treatments include medically supervised detox, CBT, group support, life skills building and so on.

The main advantage of residential treatment is the concentrated care it offers. In other words, while the NHS must stretch its resources rather thin in order to help anyone and everyone, a private clinic can concentrate all of its resources on the recovery of current residents. This concentrated focus tends to achieve better results.

Residential treatment also tends to work better because residents are separated from their daily routines. They are separated from those circumstances and individuals that tend to enable addictive behaviour. This allows the recovering addict to focus all of his or her attention on getting well in an environment that is comfortable yet free of distraction.

All of the clinics we work with provide high-quality residential treatment services by way of a professional and caring staff. Our clinics provide medical supervision throughout the process, along with bespoke treatment plans that are tailored to each unique client.

Accessing Drug Treatment

If you have a drug abuse or addiction problem, we hope reading this has motivated you to get the help you need to get well. If so, you are already on your way. The next step is to just pick up the phone and call our addiction recovery helpline right now. Alternatively, contact us through our website if you prefer.

Our caring and compassionate addiction recovery specialists are waiting to assist you. When you call, they will help you assess the extent of your current drug problem before recommending various treatment options. If you need further assistance making admission arrangements, a specialist will provide that as well. Please know that all of the services we offer are free to you and completely confidential.

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