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Prescription drug dependency is something that can happen to anyone. It does not discriminate based on age, sexual orientation, income, religious affiliation, or ethnic background. What’s more, letting a prescription drug addiction go untreated can be just as dangerous as an untreated addiction to alcohol or illicit drugs. Dependence and addiction are bad news regardless of the substance you are talking about.

In the UK, dependence on prescription drugs is a problem that seems to be growing. As we have taken a more hard-line stance against illicit drugs and alcohol, people have been turning to prescription drugs as an alternative. Fortunately, there is treatment available by way of inpatient and outpatient rehab.

At UK-Rehab, we specialise in helping clients access prescription drug rehab at dozens of private clinics throughout the UK. All the clinics we work with are fully licensed and certified as well as being staffed by medical professionals with the necessary experience to treat patients suffering from prescription drug addiction. Rest assured that seeking care at one of our clinics means you will be getting the finest care possible.

Signs You May Need Rehab

Prescription drug addiction is a little bit different inasmuch as many people start down the road of dependency after receiving a prescription for a medically legitimate purpose. Then again, there are people who deal in prescription drugs the same way they would deal in heroin or cocaine. They are selling to individuals who have no medically legitimate reason for taking the drugs.

In either case, the following signs may be present if you are suffering from dependence or addiction:

  • you experience withdrawal symptoms in between doses
  • you routinely increase your dosage in order to be satisfied
  • you find yourself constantly worrying about having enough medication
  • you’re willing to go to great lengths to secure additional drugs
  • you find yourself spending all of your money on your medications
  • your drug use influences daily activities, including work.

We want you to know that being dependent on prescription drugs does not make you a bad person. It simply means you have a personal struggle you need help overcoming. We want to help, but we cannot unless you are willing to let us. If you will call our addiction recovery helpline, we promise to do whatever we can to make sure you get the treatment you need.

What Treatment Looks Like

The severity of your addiction will largely determine whether outpatient or inpatient care is best for you. Being that outpatient treatment is the most commonly used option, we will start by discussing it first.

Outpatient treatment consists of a collection of services you avail yourself of by attending treatment sessions on a regular basis. More often than not, your attendance will be required every day during the early stages of your treatment. Sessions may be spread out the further you go.

The types of treatments you might receive in an outpatient programme can include detox, one-on-one counselling, group support and therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. Treatments are offered via the NHS and community-based organisations.

If your addiction is more severe, you might be better served by inpatient treatment through one of the private clinics we work with. Inpatient treatment is based on a residential programme that involves you staying at the facility, as a resident, during the entire course of treatment. Inpatient treatment is more focused and comprehensive because it is designed to help you overcome the strongest of addictions.

The types of treatments used in a residential programme are very similar to what we have already discussed for outpatient treatment. They include detox and a long list of psychotherapeutic treatments designed to address the psychological and emotional issues you might be dealing with. Once you finish a residential programme, you will have access to aftercare services that will help you adapt to your new life without drugs in a way that will greatly reduce the chances of relapse.

What to Expect When You Call

We want to assure you that you have nothing to fear in calling our addiction recovery helpline. Each member of our staff is fully trained and knowledgeable in the area of drug addiction and recovery. What’s more, each one has a genuine heart of compassion and a strong desire to help in any way they can. When you call, we promise to provide you:

  • a FREE and comprehensive assessment of your current circumstances
  • a full list of treatment options currently available to you
  • information regarding treatment costs and payment methods
  • any assistance you might need making admission arrangements.

Should you decide to seek inpatient treatment at a residential clinic, we will follow-up to make sure you are receiving the care you need. That care starts as soon as you arrive at the facility.

The first step in your treatment will be a professional assessment administered by the clinic’s staff. They will take what they learn from this assessment to create a custom treatment plan best suited to your circumstances. Then you will meet the rest of the residents before beginning your treatment.

If you need to undergo detox, rest assured that it will be medically supervised every step of the way. Doctors and nurses will monitor your progress throughout, doing whatever they can to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. They will also be on hand to take care of any medical emergencies that might arise.

Lastly, understand that a residential programme for prescription drug rehab requires a commitment from you. The shortest inpatient programmes typically run four weeks while the longest can be 12 weeks or more. Nevertheless, in order to be successful, you must be committed to getting well. The truth is, the only real cure for prescription drug addiction is permanent abstinence.

As long as you are willing to give a 100% commitment, your treatment at a residential facility should be successful. A year from now you could be living a life you never imagined - a life free from prescription drugs and the types of behaviour that got you in trouble. Are you ready? If so, pick up the phone and call us right now.

Health Insurance

Our Rehabs accept most of the major private health insurers.

  • AVIVA Health Insurance
  • AXA Health Insurance
  • Bupa Health Insurance
  • Standard Life Health Insurance
  • Vitality Health Insurance
  • Cigna Health Insurance
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