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Organisations like ours are known for establishing drug intervention hotlines freely available to addicts or their families 24 hours a day. Why do we do this? Because we know full well that drug addiction and alcoholism do not follow a 9-to-5 schedule. The problems caused by substance abuse and addiction can strike anytime, anywhere. They can strike you and your family with devastating results.

Our drug intervention hotline is staffed by professional counsellors who are well trained and experienced in the area of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. They have the knowledge and skill to help you assess your current circumstances in order to recommend an appropriate course of treatment. What’s more, they all have a heart of compassion based in a genuine desire to make sure you get the help you need.

Sorting Things Out

The first priority of the drug intervention hotline, provided an initial contact is not an emergency situation, is to help the client sort things out. Counsellors are there to help determine whether the individual is an abuser, addict, or casual user. Here’s the difference:

  • Casual User - A casual drug or alcohol user may use several times per month for recreational purposes only. A good example would be a drinker who consumes alcoholic beverages once or twice on the weekends. He or she might drink more than they should, but nothing in their life signals any loss of self-control.
  • Abuser - The substance abuser is one who uses drugs or alcohol more than a few times a month and for very specific reasons. Some do so to escape their problems, others use to help them relax in social situations. A person whose drug or alcohol use is both persistent and purposeful is likely an abuser.
  • Addict - The drug addict or alcoholic is one who has finally reached the stage where his or her substance of choice is controlling their life. Everything they do is centred on drugs or alcohol, eventually leading to all sorts of physical and emotional problems.

We want you to understand that casual alcohol and drug use can lead to abuse and eventual addiction if you’re not careful. Our counsellors can help you determine which stage you are at, if you are willing to be truthful during the discussion.

If you find yourself an emergency situation, we want you to call our hotline as well. We are always prepared to handle emergencies with the utmost professionalism and individual respect.

Recommending Appropriate Treatment

Once our counsellor has helped you sort things out, the next step is to walk you through treatment options. Casual users will likely be pointed to the NHS and community-based services. The advantage of going this route is the fact that your GP can confirm the assessment offered by our counsellor and then devise a treatment plan.

Individuals who appear to be substance abusers may also be pointed to the NHS and community-based organisations. However, it really depends on the severity of the abuse. Alcohol abusers, for example, may be best served by a combination of outpatient counselling and prescription medication.

As for the addict or alcoholic, he or she can choose between outpatient treatment and a residential program. We typically recommend residential treatment because it provides a better environment and greater chances of long-term success. Outpatient treatment is provided by private clinics located throughout the UK and beyond. Please note that the NHS does not provide residential treatment in any form.

Making Your Decision

Please know that after we provide you with all of the information you need, we are going to ask you to make a decision. Why do we do that? Because no one can force you to get well. In fact, no one can force you to seek the help you need to get well. You must willingly make that choice on your own. We ask clients to make a choice in hopes that they will choose to seek treatment.

Should you decide it is time for treatment, our counsellor can help you make admission arrangements to the clinic of your choice. We can also point you to NHS clinics, support groups, and professional counsellors, should it be determined you would best be served by outpatient care. Before you hang up the phone, we want to make sure you have access to all the help you need.

Please feel free to call us back with any further questions you might have. Moreover, rest assured we will follow-up with you to ensure you are indeed getting help. The last thing we want is to assume you are receiving treatment only to find out that you’re not.

Take the First Step

We assume you are visiting our website because you’re concerned you might have a substance abuse or addiction problem. The first step in getting the help you need is to move beyond mere concern and actually admit you have a problem. You can never be helped until you come to terms with what you are doing.

Unfortunately, that first step of admitting the problem is often the most difficult for abusers and addicts to accomplish. It takes a lot of courage to admit your weaknesses and failures. However, once you take that first step, taking the second and third steps is much easier.

Please take that next step by calling our drug intervention hotline right now. Our counsellors are not here to lecture you over the phone or tell you what a rotten person you are. They are not waiting on the other end of the line because they enjoy inflicting punishment on people. No, our trained counsellors are individuals with hearts of gold; individuals who want nothing more than to see you get well.

Now is the time to pick up the phone and call us - now, while the idea is fresh in your mind. If it turns out you are not an abuser or addict, we can at least set your mind at ease when you call. If you do have a problem, we can get you started on the road to recovery today.

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