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Signing up for a drug detox at an alcohol clinic in London is an important step to take if an alcoholic wants to turn a corner and create a better future for themselves. Of course, there are a wide variety of different alcohol clinics in London, but it's important to pick the right one as its imperative for the successful implementation of an alcohol rehab treatment program. The good news is that there are plenty of high quality rehabilitation clinics in the London area that are easy to get to and also run world class rehab facilities.

Is Private Rehab the Way to Go?

The first question that anybody will be asking themselves when they look into alcohol rehab treatment in London is whether they should be looking at a state or private service. The National Health Service (NHS) does offer a wide number of institutions where public health care patients are able to enter. It's a particular favourite amongst those with high alcohol dependencies since they tend to be able to skip the long waiting lists.

Overall, the waiting lists are the main reasons why private alcohol rehab treatment institutions are superior to their state-run counterparts. Individuals who have lower alcohol dependencies tend to struggle as it can be months before they can get a place on these alcohol rehab programs at an alcohol clinic. It's precisely why it's best to go for a privately run facility as the required investment really is worth it in the end.

It's also well-known that private facilities tend to have the better health care professionals in place as they know that they have superior tools available to them. The facilities themselves tend to be more luxurious and each patient is afforded more time with a qualified addiction counsellor. A lack of resources is what makes the state-run facilities inferior.

Residential Rehab Clinic, North London

The Clinic, as its known, has been in existence since 1986 and has acquired a reputation that extends beyond the shores of the UK for providing revolutionary alcohol rehab treatments. It has been accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists and offers specialist treatments for those who have been damaged by addictions.

Whilst it doesn't deal exclusively with alcoholics, it does deal in addiction treatments that are geared towards those who suffer from alcohol addictions, gambling addictions, sex addictions, and various other drug addictions.

Patients are able to remain within the facility in dazzling rooms where high chandeliers glitter the rooms and provide ultimate luxury. It's designed to provide a place where patients don't have to worry about the rigours of daily life. All they have to do is to concentrate on their addiction treatments.

Wellington Lodge, London Suburbs

Wellington Lodge is somewhere where both inpatients and outpatients are able to enjoy the comfort and luxury of a high class facility without being forced to deal with the hustle and bustle of London life. Instead, this alcohol clinic is situated close to connections that can take people directly into central London.

What makes Wellington Lodge different from a number of other alcohol rehab centres that deal in alcohol rehab treatment is the fact that they also allow outpatients to embrace their treatments. For those with low alcohol dependencies it's a godsend as they don't have to worry about this very popular residential alcohol rehab institution being full up, in terms of the amount of available accommodation.

Tertiary Addiction Rehab Clinic, Central London

Surprisingly, this house is one of the only alcohol rehab centres that can sit in central London whilst still providing a relaxed location for patients to beat their addictions and obtain the alcohol rehab treatment they need to create a better life for themselves. The interior sports a homely feel to make people settle in to life at the alcohol clinic as smoothly as possible.

The whole institution is run by counsellors, support workers, and an alcohol addiction specialist who can see individual patients and get to the root of any issues they might be having. Remember, it's not just the basic problem of an addiction that has to be taken into account. What also has to be taken into account is the problem of homesickness. Many patients will be out of their comfort zones and may have trouble adjusting to their new environments.

The Tertiary Addiction Rehab Clinic provides gardens and a number of community areas where patients can just relax. It's especially important to the whole operation that's been run here as counselling sessions are known for being intensive and emotional. Whilst they are difficult to get to grips with, they have been known to be incredibly effective.

How Do You Know a Good Rehab Centre?

Knowing where to find a good alcohol rehab treatment centre comes as a matter of experience. The experience of other patients is key to knowing how things will pan out for the large majority of people. If genuine patients have come out of alcohol rehab centres with smiles on their faces and the feeling that they have really accomplished something then that is a success. Another factor is to look at how many people actually manage to quit their alcohol misuse in the long term as that's what alcohol rehab treatment is all about.

It's not enough to just look at the reviews that a certain rehabilitation institution has gained throughout its history. This can be a catastrophic mistake for patients because the standards of each facility are not necessarily going to stay the same at all times. The critical thing when researching a specific alcohol clinic is to make sure that any reviews or testimonials are as recent as possible.

Furthermore, most patients will visit a doctor before being referred towards a certain facility. Generally, the rehab institutions that health care professionals suggest are going to be good. That's because they are forced to keep their own recommendations up to the highest standards or it could impact their own professional reputations.

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