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Alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow are open for business and are taking in addicts from all backgrounds and who have addictions of all severities. With the amount of drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glasgow and the surrounding area, it gives patients a chance to choose the treatments which are right for them. Every addict is different and has problems of varying severities, there is no universal cure, which is why the 12 step program can't apply to or help everybody.

The difficulty patients have is making the first move to go one of Glasgow's rehab clinics. Some are so scared of what people will think of them they won't leave the house other than to acquire drugs or alcohol.

Why Patients Find it Tough

Patients will come up against a number of different obstacles on their path to abstinence. Some problems are created by themselves and others by independent parties. Their own problems are the first things to overcome. Addicts know what they are doing is harming themselves, they are not ignorant of the potential health implications. But they are afraid of attending substance abuse counselling because in their minds they are going to be judged. And they are right to have this fear, the 21st century hasn't cast a positive view on addicts as people who need help. It's why a visit to an understanding doctor is imperative to starting things off.

Other sufferers are just ignorant of how serious their problems have gotten. The toxins flowing through their bodies may not have manifested themselves into any serious health problems yet, so they believe they are not suffering. Only through a visit to the doctor can the true extent of the damage be uncovered.

The main problem presented by independent parties is the concept of the waiting list. Many addicts can't see a substance abuse counsellor until their issues reach a certain level of severity. This is because the state-run National Health Service (NHS) of the UK takes those who are suffering the most first. Patients who could be saved before the damage became too great are thrown by the wayside until their issues get worse. Understandably, they will feel betrayed and will demonstrate a lack of trust towards such authorities in the future.

Remedying the Problems

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow which are in the private sector are the best facilities to attend. Recent cuts to the NHS have meant counselling and state-run drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glasgow have taken a massive hit. Now the best equipment and the most experienced healthcare professionals are migrating to the private sector. It only makes sense patients who want to get the best treatment will come here for help.

Solving the issues of judgement and fear of the doctor will come naturally by taking the plunge and visiting the doctor. Family members and friends can step in here to make sure they get down to the doctor's. Any action should be taken as soon as possible because addicts are known to relapse on their ideas if they are left to fester for an extended period of time afterwards.

What Can Patients Expect in Rehabilitation Clinics?

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow will have a variety of facilities on offer for patients. Tailoring a program which is specific to the patient is imperative to providing superior quality treatment. Addictions are all the same, but the reasons they exist in the first place differ heavily. Professional drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Glasgow know this.

The first thing patients can expect is a trained substance abuse counsellor to be on hand to help them. Substance abuse counselling is at the core of the treatments carried out in Glasgow's alcohol and drug rehabilitation clinics. It's where the traumatic issues, or the ‘trigger', deep within the patient's minds will be targeted and touched upon. Learning to cope with these experiences is what enables patients to beat their addictions.

Some common triggers which patients have to deal with through their lives include:

  • An addiction through peer pressure. Knowing friends who know have taken drugs or alcohol excessively can often lead to a permanent addiction.
  • Child abuse. Abused children sometimes go on to develop addictions in an attempt to deal with their issues by forgetting them.
  • Stress and frustration can lead to people attempting to relax through the taking of drugs and the excess drinking of alcohol.

A community support system is also something patients can expect. Substance abuse counselling is just as important in the form of other addicts as they are from a trained healthcare professional. Patients are able to better relate to people who have gone through or who are going through the same experiences as them. With group support, it can also compel addicts to try harder so they don't let the rest of the community down.

Outside of Counselling

Substance abuse counselling within a Glasgow alcohol and drug rehab clinic is clearly at the centre of any private rehabilitation clinic's addiction recovery program. What separates the state-run facilities from the luxury private facilities are the additional things on offer to patients who are attempting to beat their addictions.

Private alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow know all about how important it is for patients to get a creative outlet for themselves. Lifestyle classes, fitness activities, and creative programs are usually available for all patients to participate in. It's essential for two reasons. The first reason is it helps patients to distract themselves from their withdrawal symptoms. Another reason is it gives them new skills and abilities for when they enter the real world again.

Aftercare is also a major factor. It's a waste of time curing an addiction if there's no support afterwards. Patients need support for the foreseeable future because abstinence is a lifelong battle. It's not uncommon for addicts to return to their old ways years after they leave their rehab programs. Alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow will always provide an aftercare system for patients to take advantage of.

A trained counsellor being present over the phone is one aftercare option. Every few days, they will call and chat with the patient about their progress and the things they are struggling with. Most of the time, patients are sent into different programs after they have left residential treatment. Glasgow has plenty of walk-in centres where residential patients graduate to once they leave their facilities. These facilities normally provide support for patients for a month or so after leaving.

Failing to Find the Cure

Curing an addiction is a struggle which lasts for life. These issues can return years after leaving rehab. But the good news is these alcohol and drug rehab treatment clinics in Glasgow are regularly accepting return patients who need some additional help. There are no restrictions on how many times somebody can enter rehab. People understand how difficult it can be to cope with these issues, so there's no judging and all return patients are accepted back into the private rehabilitation clinic with open arms.

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