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Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment - Oxfordshire

Rehabilitation clinics in Oxfordshire are offering comprehensive addiction support for addicted individuals who are having issues with drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Oxfordshire is about providing patients with the support they need to get better. But choosing a clinic and dealing with the inevitable withdrawal symptoms can turn many Oxfordshire patients off of attending a drug and alcohol addiction clinic.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms are a major consideration for rehabilitation clinics in Oxfordshire. They understand how important it is for patients to cope with their withdrawal symptoms without suffering from unconquerable cravings, or health implications. Making sure these withdrawal symptoms are dealt with is one of the first challenges posed to patients and drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Oxfordshire.

Various chemicals have been developed over the last few years which can help to conquer addictions. They do this by providing the same feeling the substance does without feeding the addiction. Safer substances are used to allow the cravings to be satiated for a few moments, whilst not allowing them to get addicted. Generally, Oxfordshire's drug and alcohol addiction treatment centres prefer to avoid administering these substances to avoid any dependency. Newer patients or those with long term addictions are the people who benefit most from them, though.

It's impossible to fully understand what withdrawal symptoms do to people unless the experience has been gone through. Here are some of the troublesome symptoms which can cause people to turn away from rehabilitation treatment:

  • Excessive shaking of the hands.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Sweating.
  • Yellowed skin.
  • Nausea.
  • Death.

It should be noted death is a relatively rare complication. Death is most common in victims of heroin abuse because the body becomes so dependent on the drug it can't possibly survive without it. Placebos are used heavily in weaning people off of the heroin drug.

What Rehabilitation Clinics Offer Patients

Rehabilitation clinics in Oxfordshire offer patients the chance to undergo treatment in the best possible environment. Private drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Oxfordshire offers the best choice of treatment since it's the superior equipment, healthcare professionals, and level of funding.

Even though Oxfordshire's drug and alcohol recovery program will differ between each facility, the same options are offered to patients. Patients will be allowed to have their program tailored to them, so each aspect of a drug and alcohol addiction clinic will be administered in different ways, depending on the specific situation.

Parts of Drug and Alcoholic Recovery Program

The main aspect of any drug and alcoholic recovery program is the individual counselling facility. Substance abuse counselling will be conducted in a private environment where people can speak about their darkest issues. A trained healthcare professional will be on hand to make sure the drug alcohol addiction clinic is providing patients with the confidence they need to cope with their experiences. Most individuals find this part of the process to be the most difficult as they are often bringing up experiences from deep within them.

Group counselling is a milder version of individual counselling and avoids patients sitting together and speaking about their progress. Nobody is forced to reveal anything they don't want to, so prospective residents shouldn't worry about an invasion of privacy. Equally, there are no restrictions on what can be revealed in this group. This is the most rewarding part of the experience for patients as they can meet with people who understand them completely.

One of the reasons those who are addicted to something often fear rehabilitation, and interaction as a whole, is because they feel they won't be understood. Nobody can truly understand what it's like to be in the iron grip of an addiction unless they have been through it themselves.

Life skills are a major factor within private facilities. It's one of the reasons Oxfordshire's addiction treatment facilities are superior to their state-run counterparts, they offer hope. It's no use releasing a patient back into the real world again if they haven't received any life skills. Skills through sports, art, and the culinary arts can be gained and can be used for getting a job. Sufferers will often return to their old vices if they have no hope and no prospects.

Aftercare is often a forgotten part of the process. No rehabilitation clinics in Oxfordshire release patients without providing some degree of help to their former residents. Even when patients leave residential treatment, they are not finished yet. It will take many more months of recovery before they can truly say they are in control of their urges.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment in Oxfordshire will normally provide a substance abuse counsellor to speak to patients after they have left. This will last for about a month or two. Most of the time, they direct people to areas where they can receive walk-in centre treatment, without a waiting list.

Is a Cure Guaranteed?

Cures are not guaranteed within a substance abuse or an alcoholism addiction treatment clinic. There can never be a guarantee of addiction recovery because everybody needs a different approach. It can take years for people to truly get over their issues, and this can involve multiple stays in a residential treatment facility.

Some patients do fail to find a solution to their addiction problems. It could be for a variety of reasons, but most rehabilitation clinics in Oxfordshire will happily accept return patients into their facilities. There are no restrictions on how many times somebody can undergo treatment.

What people have to remember is they can relapse at anytime. Former sufferers have been known to relapse years into the future. A recent traumatic event or the renewal of an old trigger can set the problem off again. Successful patients will have the ability to come out of their rehab whilst keeping their issues under control for the duration of their life.

Dealing with the Triggers

Oxfordshire rehabilitation clinics will endeavour to give sufferers the techniques needed to help them cope with any cravings which might arise throughout their lives. Here are some of the important techniques individuals will learn to employ when addiction cravings return:

  • Association. When a craving hits, think of something which has been associated with that substance.
  • Delaying the cravings. Doing something else before acting can reduce the potency of the cravings.
  • Escaping the situation. If pressured by somebody else offering the substance of choice, leave the room and retreat. The intensity of the cravings will lessen significantly.

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