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Alcohol rehabilitation clinics in Surrey are available for individuals who are suffering from an addiction right now. They are giving people hope and are giving them the opportunity to take advantage of world-class facilities. Rehab clinics in Surrey are offering drug rehab and alcohol addiction treatment at affordable prices to people from all backgrounds. Surrey's detoxification services are on hand for people, but it's important to understand how they work and what they provide first.

The Value of a Rehab Clinic

Rehab detox treatment clinics in Surrey offer treatments to patients which work. But the value of a clinic comes in far greater doses than mere addiction treatment. They change lives and enhance them beyond what the individual had before. It's this which makes Surrey's alcohol and drug rehab clinics such an asset to the community. Here are the reasons why rehab clinics in Surrey are providing patients with so much in their lives:

  • People to relate to. The fact these addiction treatment clinics are making sure to provide a community atmosphere means patients can relate to people who are going through the same difficulties they are. It can be incredibly difficult to get through an addiction without the help of those who can relate to the issues at hand.
  • Professional substance abuse counsellors to help support people when times are tough. At some point, every individual will reach a point where they think of giving up. It's critical these things are avoided, and they can with the support of a trained healthcare professional.
  • The ability to confront traumatic issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment. With other patients and healthcare providers giving a willing ear at all times, the reasons for the addiction can be targeted an eliminated.
  • Creative outlets in which people can learn new things to take back into the Surrey community when they graduate from rehabilitation addiction treatment.

The true value of a rehab clinic is enhancing lives. There's no point curing an addiction if the individual has no hope afterwards. If they have nothing to take with them the job is that much harder because there will always be a temptation to return to their old ways. As long as rehab can create hope, Surrey's rehab clinics are always going to provide patients with the best chance of recovering from their addictions.

How Drug Rehab Treatment Works

Rehab detox treatment clinics in Surrey will seek to treat their residents in very specific ways. Full control is given to the staff members and those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol will be putting their full trust into the hands of the facility. Before going into detail on each stage of treatment, a brief breakdown is provided here:

  • Group introductions and regular support.
  • Individual counselling to get to the root of the issues.
  • Classes and activities to provide both a distraction and an outlet.
  • Comprehensive aftercare.
Group Introductions and Support

When a patient first enters a rehab facility they will be introduced to the community. It's designed to get them acquainted with the people they will be working with in the long term. Immediately, relationships are created and bonds are formed.

Group support will be a regular staple of the whole rehabilitation treatment program. It's a fact patients who may feel uneasy revealing things to professional healthcare staff will reveal things to other patients. As already mentioned, better relations will always be created with people who have been through the same issues. It's one of the reasons why rehab detox treatment clinics in Surrey are always looking for former patients to help current patients.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling takes place in a single room where it's just the patient and a trained substance abuse counsellor. The idea behind this method of treatment is to get to the heart of the matter. Patients are unable to cure their problems without knowing what's causing them in the first place. Multiple sessions of counselling are nearly always required to find any results at all, but it's worth it.

Individuals often find undergoing counselling is one of the hardest things they can ever be confronted with. They could be digging up things which had long stayed buried. Detoxification doesn't just come in the form of eliminating the substance itself, it comes with bravely confronting the reasons for that addiction.

Creative Outlets

People often underestimate just how essential some form of creative outlet is. Rehab clinics in Surrey make sure to provide plenty of creative outlets for their patients to take advantage of. Such things can include life skills, fitness, and art classes. Two outcomes are provided by these outlets. Firstly, a distraction and secondly, something to take back into the real world.

A distraction can make sure to aid in the overall curing of the addiction. When patients are allowed to dwell on their addictions, the cravings become ever more stronger. If they become stronger it means there's a higher chance of the individual leaving rehab all together and going back into their old ways again.

Something to take back into the real world comes in the form of them learning real life skills to help them get a job. Being able to live a normal life again and keeping busy is the best way to be able to recover from an addiction.


Aftercare is perhaps the most important thing rehab clinics in Surrey offer. Without addiction treatment after the main program it is possible the patient could relapse. By providing regular support after they leave it gives them the chance to take advantage of what they have learned. Regular contact with a substance abuse counsellor over the phone can be enough to prevent a relapse in the early stages of life after rehab.

Aftercare will normally come in the form of a referral to a walk-in centre, in the case of residential patients. Nothing can be rushed and addiction treatment has to be steadily taken away over time until the individual can fully support themselves. Patients are encouraged to stay in contact after they leave, so they can continue their work together even after they leave the embrace of the substance abuse professionals within their rehab detox treatment clinics in Surrey.

What has to be remembered is abstinence is a long term thing. It can never be completely eliminated, but with proper aftercare the detoxification process can be continued into the future.

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