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Drug Alcohol Detoxification Treatment in County Armagh

County Armagh detox clinics are the answer for people who are suffering from a drug addiction or an alcohol addiction. What they provide is hope to patients who may have tried and failed to cure their issues before. Drug alcohol detoxification treatment in County Armagh provides detoxification treatment in a safe environment where patients can relax and concentrate solely on getting better. Read on to find out more about the true benefits of County Armagh's addiction treatment clinics.

Safe and Secure

People often don't realise how dangerous it is to attempt to go through drug and alcohol detoxification. Detoxification involves taking away something the body believes it needs to function. Take it away and the body will respond in a negative manner. Heroin addicts are notorious for their health problems when going cold turkey. Long term substance abusers will often have their whole bodies shut down on them, and more often than not they lose their lives without quick and determined intervention from trained healthcare professionals.

A rehab detox clinic can provide something different. It can provide the ability to go cold turkey in an environment which can help them through it. Through trained healthcare professionals, individuals will be able to rest and relax with the knowledge they are not risking their lives by quitting their substance of choice.

Withdrawal symptoms are the primary fear of giving up on drugs and alcohol. These symptoms can get quite serious at their worst, but mainly they are an irritant and a constant craving which threatens to send them back into their old ways again. The key for all County Armagh detox clinics is to make sure these cravings are held back through safe treatments.

Where is the Physical Cure?

To better understand how drug alcohol detoxification treatment in County Armagh works, it's important to make sure the patient knows what the potential problems are in the first place. Withdrawal symptoms come in a wide variety of forms, so here's a brief breakdown of the things which can afflict people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol:

  • Those with minor addictions will suffer from shaking of the hands, sweating, and dry mouth. These symptoms are not something which can impact their lives directly, but they can make sure they have issues with beating their cravings. Minor addictions are normally generated by addictions which have only lasted for a short period of time.
  • Moderate addictions will normally involve all the above minor symptoms, but nausea and heart palpitations will be thrown into the mix. Problems with sleep are also a factor.
  • Extreme addictions are normally developed over many long years of substance abuse and require a fully qualified rehab detox clinic to cure them. This is where nightmares, chronic sleep apnea, hallucinations, and death occur.

Now, detoxification will primarily come in the form of simply allowing them to go cold turkey and any of the symptoms will be cured when they appear. Those with more extreme addictions will be placed on to various medications in an attempt to keep the body in action. Often, the medications used act as placebos and provide the same feeling as the original substances themselves. Where things differ comes in the form of the addictive chemicals present. These are removed so the patient doesn't come addicted to these placebo substances.

Over time, they will steadily be weaned off of these drugs before they are able to stand on their own two feet without any interventions.

Cravings Outlet

There are no ways to stop the cravings associated with giving up an addiction. All County Armagh addiction recovery facilities will seek to provide patients with the opportunity to find something to distract them. Fitness classes and life skills classes will give them something to do. If they are distracted from their cravings they will lessen in intensity. Part of the problem those who are addicted to drugs have is they have a lot of time to think about thing, and when they think about things they tend to dwell on their addictions.

Another reason County Armagh detox clinics seek to provide the option for patients to better themselves is because it gives them something to believe in when they leave their rehab facilities. Once they leave the rehab detox clinic they can take new life skills into the real world where they can find a job and find something to do with their lives. Again, as long as they can keep themselves busy the cravings will be lessened.

Entering Private County Armagh Detox Clinics

Drug alcohol detoxification treatment in County Armagh can be obtained by simply calling a private helpline for a list of private care options. Believe it or not, a GP can assess a patient over the phone when it comes to their addictions. These are professionals and are able to diagnose a patient without actually having to see them in person.

Opting for a private detoxification clinic is a much better option than going for a state-run clinic because of the drawbacks of the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK. Not only have government cuts made sure any therapy and any treatment has been severely hamstrung, the NHs won't treat addictions for a lot of conditions. An addiction to cannabis and other soft drugs wouldn't be treated by the NHS; despite the fact an addition to soft drugs can be just as serious as an addiction to hard drugs.

The best professionals, the best equipment, and the best funding are available in the private sector. Furthermore, there are no waiting lists. Only when somebody attempts to get into NHS treatment do they discover just how difficult and how frustrating it is. Time is of the essence for anybody who needs drug and alcohol detoxification. If they don't receive the treatment they need straight away they can find themselves going back on the whole idea, or even worse it can kill them.

Once a helpline is called, the patient will be directed towards a list of County Armagh's addiction recovery clinics. They can find treatment here and be given the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of different programs. The important thing is finding the treatment which is right for the specific patient because every addiction is different.


Just because someone who is suffering from an addiction enters County Armagh detox clinics doesn't automatically mean they are going to be cured. Merely entering a treatment centre is just the first step; although it's without a doubt the most important step of all. Abstinence is a lifelong battle. It will always stay with the individual in question and they will always have to work to avoid going back into their old ways.

But with proper support from a treatment centre they can work to control their issues. It's possible to fail within the treatment centre, but the good news is no centre will turn a return patient away from its doors. On the contrary, people who think they need another treatment session will be welcomed back with open arms. There's no discrimination between patients. As long as they can walk through those doors they won't be left behind. The exact same attitude and treatment is given to everybody.

The most magical thing proper drug and alcohol rehab provides is lifelong support. Through the patients met in detoxification, the individual can learn to relate to other people as they have the same problems. It's not uncommon for people to relapse years after leaving their drug and alcohol detoxification centre, but with proper support the chances of failure are reduced significantly. For every year of abstinence, the chances of relapse decrease dramatically.

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