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Rehab and detox clinics in Aberdeenshire can provide patients with more than just the opportunity to have their addictions treated. Drug and alcohol detox clinics in Aberdeenshire are giving patients hope and the possibility of a better life. Curing the addiction through detoxification is but a part of the issue. There's no point curing an addiction if there's nothing to come after it. Part of the reason an addiction is promoted in the first place is because the patient has no hope.

Starting the Journey

Begin the journey to one of the many detox treatment clinics in the Aberdeenshire area by gathering the courage to attend rehab. Part of the problem of an addiction is it holds people back from seeking help. Even after the decision is made the sufferer can retreat at any minute. But the good news is if a close family member or friend can help it's easy to send somebody off to private rehabilitation clinics without too many problems.

Just why are there so many problems associated with seeking help through rehab and detox clinics in Aberdeenshire, though? Well, the answer to this comes in the form of the addiction itself. The nature of any addiction means the body is dependent on the substance, or there would be no desire to take the substance in the first place. If the body doesn't get what it wants it begins to shut down and protest against the action, through withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Enablers

Our team of trained counsellors carry out family interventions on a regular basis, working compassionately with the friends and families of addicts to maximise the chances of a favourable outcome. A professional intervention is the first and most important step towards finding suitable treatment for addiction or abuse.

For sufferers of an addiction, withdrawal symptoms become almost impossible to resist, so in just a short amount of time they are back on the substances they were abusing before. It's why time is of the essence and patients must be checked into drug and alcohol detox clinics in Aberdeenshire before their resistance crumbles.

Here are some of the common problems causing addictions to amplify in their severity:

  • Enablers. People are enabled in their addictions by the people who give them money. Family members believe they are helping those they love by making sure they are getting the substances they want. They are not. Cutting off the source of supply is one of the kindest things which can be done.
  • Shields. Bailing people out of jail. Paying off their debts. Covering for them when people ask where they are. Those are a few of the shielding techniques used by family members and friends to make sure the consequences of their actions aren't felt. This is completely the wrong way to look at it. It must be defended against by allowing them to suffer.
  • Idle threats. Some people are prone to making threats to force people to find detoxification through rehab. When it comes down to it, they won't follow through on their threats, so no further threats will have any impact.

Removing these things can mean the patient is sent over to one of the rehab and detox clinics in Aberdeenshire as soon as possible. The quicker they enter drug alcohol rehab treatment the quicker they can get the help they need to beat their addictions.

A Formal Diagnosis

The advantage of seeking out private detox treatment clinics in Aberdeenshire is there's no need to go to a doctor in person. Doing it this way removes the difficulty of attending a formal appointment, which can be the main barrier for many of Aberdeenshire's addiction sufferers. Drug and alcohol detox clinics in Aberdeenshire can be entered by calling the private helpline and speaking to a doctor over the phone.

Doctors have the ability to diagnose patients over the phone by listening to their symptoms and the information they give about their addictions, such as how long it's lasted for and how often they participate in substance abuse.

After getting a diagnosis and receiving advice on where to go next from the doctor, the patient can look into actually entering drug and alcohol detox clinics in Aberdeenshire. It's this easy and it can happen in a matter of hours. It's simple to be able to do this and it's a better option for patients as now they don't have to go through the difficulties of talking to somebody in person. The prospect of a face-to-face appointment is generally what puts people off from seeking addiction recovery.

Is Private Always Best?

Private rehab and detox clinics in Aberdeenshire are always the best options for seeking detoxification treatment. The reasons for this start with the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. Government cuts have meant what treatment the NHS did give has been hamstrung significantly. But the NHS had significant drawbacks to begin with. The main one is patients who were addicted to softer drugs, such as cannabis, didn't have access to treatment. Even if they were in critical condition they wouldn't find treatment under the NHS.

Even if patients do qualify for addiction treatment under the NHS, they can expect to have to wait for months and even years, to actually get into one of the detox treatment clinics. As already mentioned above, time is of the essence and waiting this long just isn't viable for people.

The Treatment Methods Used

Various different treatment methods are used in the rehab and detox clinics in Aberdeenshire. Here's a brief outline of the treatment methods employed to help patients with their problems:

  • Individual counselling where a trained substance abuse counsellor will attempt to get to the heart of the issues impacting the individual. Most of the time, addictions are caused within Aberdeenshire's patients by a traumatic event which came into play at some point in their lives. Learn to cope with it and the issue is solved.
  • Group counselling created a community environment where patients are able to speak to people they can relate to. Often, it's the first time they have been thrust into a completely understanding and supportive environment.
  • Creative outlets to provide distractions for patients. It's a massive help for dealing with the cravings and the withdrawal symptoms caused by leaving drugs and alcohol behind.
  • Aftercare programs. Increase the chances of staying clean by implementing an aftercare program. It can involve being referred to a walk-in centre or being provided with the opportunity to call a trained counsellor for the first few months after leaving residential treatment.

Each of these methods will be tailored specifically to the patient. Some people require extra individual counselling, whereas others will need extra support from their fellow patients. Either way, the beauty of a private rehabilitation clinic is the patient's needs are catered for in every way.

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