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Drug and Alcohol Detox Clinics in Kent

Detoxification clinics in Kent are making sure people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have the ability to find help. Kent's private rehabilitation clinics give so much to patients at an affordable price. What people can expect is a tailored program taking into account each aspect of the individual's life. These drug and alcohol detox clinics in Kent have massively high success rates, and are known for having a remarkable impact in turning the lives of patients around.

Is Residential Treatment Best?

Some patients might have some misgivings about becoming a residential patient and leaving their families and homes behind. It's understandable since it's handing over complete control to another organisation, but it truly is the best option. The reason for this comes primarily in the form of concentration.

Concentration is essential for fighting off any cravings and health complications. People who attempt to quit drugs in their own homes are often left broken by the impact of the withdrawal symptoms, especially if they have had an addiction for an extended period of time. The main issue people encounter within residential treatment are those same withdrawal symptoms. However, the difference between detoxification and rehab at home is there's no concentration. Having to deal with daily life takes an amount of concentration away from where it should be.

Within private detoxification clinics in Kent every patient need is attended to, so their total concentration is firmly on the issue at hand. It's this approach which encourages people to get clean.

Why is Private Better?

The National Health System (NHS) of the UK is absolutely the inferior option for patients who want to get clean. Mainly, the issue surrounds the influence of government cuts to the health system. Cuts have meant the equipment and the latest techniques just aren't present, but they are in the private sector. The benefit is patients can get a better overall quality of treatment. Add in the increasing number of experienced staff members migrating to the private sector and there's very little reason to stick with the NHS.

People will also find it to be quite challenging to enter the NHS system. First of all, it's necessary to visit a GP for a health assessment. For many people who need detoxification, it isn't viable as they are nervous about it enough as it is. There's a much higher chance of backing out of getting the right treatment when the prospect of a doctor's appointment is brought into the mix. Kent's private addiction support clinics can, instead, perform all of this over the phone.

Some addictions are not even covered by the NHS system. Softer drugs, like cannabis and prescription drugs, don't have any available options through the state system. They only treat harder drug addictions. Basically, a patient will have to be on the verge of death in order to obtain treatment for anything else. Drug and alcohol detox clinics in Kent which specialise in private treatment will treat any addiction. There's no discrimination between addictions since detoxification clinics in Kent know how serious addictions are. Just because they manifest themselves in the same ways doesn't mean they aren't as serious as an addiction to hard drugs.

The Path to Abstinence

The path to abstinence is a difficult one to follow. Detoxification clinics in Kent use the same procedures for each patient, but the weighting and the emphasis on each aspect differs for each patient. It's about giving people a tailored program in an effort to cure their addictions. Here are the things used to help people develop and maintain their abstinence:

  • Group support to create a community. It's crucial to have a community within all drug and alcohol detox clinics in Kent because it helps to develop spirit. Patients who feel a part of a group are going to be much more likely to maintain abstinence as they are scared of letting the rest of the group down. In detoxification clinics, these groups are emphasised through dedicated support sessions.
  • Individual support. Private substance abuse counselling helps to confront the traumatic issues which brought on the shadow of addiction in the first place. Often, people say this is the hardest part of going through Kent's addiction treatment programs.
  • Creative classes. These classes can involve anything from sports to cooking. Basically, it's about distracting residents from their cravings and withdrawal symptoms. In the event of life skills classes, they are provided with attributes and abilities to take with them back into the outside world.
  • Proper medication and diet to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle. Those who are healthier in mind and body are much more likely to maintain their abstinence in the long run. This method will differ heavily between addiction recovery clinics and patients, however.


Abstinence is practiced within drug and alcohol detox clinics in Kent, but it can only last for so long without proper support. Once they leave their detoxification clinics in Kent it's only a matter of time before they start confronting the challenges presented by beating an addiction in the long term. Through proper aftercare support, the chances of succeeding and not bowing down to the cravings and withdrawal symptoms increase exponentially.

Drug and alcoholism addiction treatment clinics will look to treat patients in a variety of different ways after they leave their establishments. The first way they do this is by allowing them to contact a substance abuse counsellor over the phone. Regular phone sessions are set up for people to take advantage of. It will allow them to discuss the latest challenges and receive advice on how they can best beat them.

Most individuals don't walk out into the outside world to live life as normal again, though. Detoxification facilities usually send patients to walk-in centres where they will attend sessions a few times a week. Mainly, it will involve treatment through group support, but individual counselling and other classes are on hand to help people in the best ways possible. These walk-in centre programs tend to last significantly longer than a period in residential treatment.

It's important to note aftercare is technically something which continues until the end of the individual's life. Whether it be through formal sessions, or maintaining connections with other patients the path to abstinence is a never ending one. Don't assume after a few years the addiction is beaten because people can and do relapse years after leaving their formal treatment sessions.

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