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Walk into any drug rehab clinic and you are likely to find people who were average citizens prior to their first introduction to drugs. In fact, many of the people you meet are likely very similar to you. The ugly truth about drug addiction is that it does not discriminate according to age, sex, skin colour, religion, or economic status. Thank heavens drug rehab clinics don’t, either.

The most boring thing to understand about drug rehab clinics is that they are, by and large, private organisations. There are some public institutions run by the NHS, but they are not usually defined as rehab clinics. This is an important designation because it determines the level of care an addict is likely to receive.

Private drug rehab clinics take the recovering addict through the entire process, from initial assessment to the end of aftercare. Moreover, while a 4 to 12 week residential stay is the normal course of action, many of the UK’s private clinics do offer outpatient and home-based programmes as well.

What Private Rehab Offers

UK Rehab typically recommends a private clinic as the first and best choice for chronic drug addicts. Private treatment offers a number of advantages not available through NHS services or local support groups. Those advantages include:

  • Concentrated Treatment - Because drug rehab is all the private clinic focuses on, it is able to concentrate all of its resources on helping the individual addict get well. The private clinic is not trying to spread limited resources across multiple programmes.
  • Distraction Free Environment - The biggest advantage of a residential programme is that it allows the addict to undergo treatment in a distraction free environment. Recovering addicts who use outpatient services often struggle with the distractions of home, work, and friends when trying to come clean.
  • Mutual Accountability - Because participants in a private rehab programme all share residential living space, they naturally become accountable to one another. This mutual accountability goes a long way toward helping an addict fully recover.
  • Life Skills - Another advantage of private treatment is the inclusion of life skills training. In other words, clinic staff know that the recovering addict will eventually leave the facility and return home. They take the time to teach addicts the life skills they will need to avoid relapse once they leave the clinic.

The advantages offered by private drug rehab clinics are such that we recommend our clients choose that option if it is at all possible. Fortunately, private care is more affordable than most people think. However, even if you think you cannot afford it, we encourage you to contact us anyway. One of our drug rehab experts will do everything possible to locate a programme you can afford.

Accessing Free Services

In the event we are unable to locate a private clinic that fits your budget, we still want you to get the help you need. Therefore, we will be more than happy to help you locate free or reduced-cost services offered by drug and alcohol charities, counselling organisations, support groups, and even the NHS. Most important is that you get the treatment you need.

The free and reduced-cost services available through charitable organisations are probably the next best option after private drug rehab clinics. The charities we work with can be regionally, nationally, or internationally based, and they could be either religious or secular. The only difficulty in choosing drug and alcohol charities is that their services are always subject to available funding.

Should it be determined you would be best served by the NHS, rest assured that all their services are free to UK residents. Depending on your particular addiction, you might not even need a referral from a GP. You could simply walk into an NHS facility and begin receiving treatment right away.

Having said that, seeing your GP first is a good idea. He or she is qualified to provide an appropriate medical and psychological examination that will determine the severity of your addiction. He or she will be able to tell you what types of treatment programmes are most likely to work for you.

Medical Supervision

UK Rehab cannot stress enough the importance of medical supervision regardless of which type of treatment option you choose. If you are more than just a recreational user of drugs, attempting to undergo rehab without supervision could be potentially dangerous. Keep in mind that drug abuse and addiction both have very real and negative effects on the human body.

For example, a depressant drug suppresses the neurotransmitters that conduct electrical impulses throughout the brain. Once a person stops taking the drug, those neurotransmitters return to their normal state. However, in some people, they can become hyper-excited in a condition known as delirium tremens. It can lead to things like seizures, convulsions, tremors, and loss of consciousness.

The nature of drug withdrawal is yet another reason UK Rehab recommends private drug rehab clinics as the best choice. The best clinics always offer medically supervised detox and rehab from start to finish. Medical supervision offers a number of benefits:

  • Progress Monitoring - When rehab is medically supervised, the individual can be monitored in terms of his or her progress. This enables clinic staff to modify a rehab programme to take into account each addict’s progress.
  • Medical Emergency - In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, the care provided by a private clinic insures the addict’s safety to the greatest extent possible. Emergency medical care can be administered on the spot, without the need to immediately transport the patient to a hospital.
  • Comfort - Medically supervised detox and rehab allows for the use of certain medications that can make the recovering addict as comfortable as possible. While there will always be some discomfort involved, rehab tends to be much more tolerable when it is medically supervised.

UK Rehab works with drug rehab clinics across the UK and beyond. The type of clinic you need depends on your circumstances. Call us today so we can talk about it.

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