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How Much Does Rehab Cost?

One of the questions we are asked quite frequently is one of how much rehab costs. Unfortunately, it’s a question that doesn’t have a black and white answer. The total cost of rehab includes many different factors that vary from one provider to the next. What’s more, the severity of an addiction and the types of treatment necessary to overcome it also play a role in determining the final price.

What we can tell those who call us is that it is probably not as expensive as they imagine. The cost of rehab has moderated in recent years, making it more affordable than it has ever been. In the following paragraphs, we will explain what goes into rehab in order to better help you understand the costs involved.

Definition of Rehab

For the purposes of this discussion, we are defining rehab has residential treatment at a private clinic. We have chosen this definition because outpatient services offered by the NHS are free to UK residents. Treatment paid for by clients is offered by private clinics.

With this understanding, it should also be noted that our definition of rehab includes both detox and psychotherapeutic services. The clinics we work with offer programmes that can be as short as four weeks or as long as 12. The length of a rehab programme will obviously be a big factor in its overall cost.

A complete residential rehab programme offered by a private clinic will include three basic components: detox, rehab therapy, and aftercare. All three are necessary in order to ensure the greatest chances of success. In addition, there are some other things you need to know:

  • Detox - All our clinics provide medically supervised detox, which may, or may not, include prescription medications to make the process safer and more comfortable. Every client who undergoes detox will be cared for 24 hours a day, for the duration of the treatment.
  • Rehab Therapy - The rehab therapies used by our clinics will differ depending on their treatment philosophies and the therapists they employ. The cost of each of these therapies will vary as well. This is one of the factors that need to be considered when choosing the most cost-effective programme.
  • Aftercare - In some cases aftercare services are provided free of charge by way of support groups and addiction charities. In other cases, a recovering addict might be paying for professional services rendered by addiction recovery counsellors. Again, all of this depends on the rehab programme the addict chooses.

Factors That Determine Cost

There are a number of different factors that go into determining the overall cost of rehab. First and foremost is the cost of housing and feeding clients. This includes everything from maintaining the property to paying for utilities to providing food. Whatever costs you incur in your own household also exist at the residential facility.

After paying for food and housing, the rest of the money from client fees goes toward providing the treatment. We can break those costs down into several different categories:

  • Professional Staff - The professional staff at a private clinic includes the doctors, nurses and therapists providing the medically supervised treatment. Each of these professionals is compensated according to the skill sets they possess.
  • Support Staff - No residential rehab clinic could function properly without a dedicated support staff. The support staff includes nurse assistants, house assistants, drivers, maintenance personnel and so on. The size of a facility’s support staff is directly related to the number of beds it offers.
  • Insurance - One of the costs people seldom consider is that of insurance. Private drug rehab centres must carry adequate insurance to protect themselves against liability and malpractice. Unfortunately, insurance can be very expensive.
  • Medicine and Equipment - Because detox is considered a medical emergency, every residential rehab clinic must stock certain types of medications. Most of them also invest significant amounts of money in medical equipment necessary to make sure rehab is successful.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Lastly, rehab clinics in the UK are subject to a strict set of regulations designed to ensure client safety. Complying with those regulations requires both specialised support staff and operational policies. Thus, compliance costs money.

On average, a residential treatment facility might charge £1,000 a week for drug or alcohol rehab. There are some that charge less and others that charge more. The most exclusive luxury facilities can charge as much as £5,000 per week.

Paying For Rehab

We sincerely hope you are not scared away by the potential cost of rehab. We want you to know there are several different options to pay for treatment if you need it. For example, if you have private health insurance, you may already be covered for either drug or alcohol rehab. If you are not covered in full, you may be covered in part.

In cases where clients do not have private health insurance, there still are other options. One of the more common options is to use an active credit card account. The advantage of using a credit card is that payment can be processed immediately, thereby ensuring admittance to a rehab programme as quickly as possible.

Other clients choose to go to the bank and ask about personal loan. Still others solicit donations from family and friends willing to help. The point we want to drive home is that there is usually a way to afford residential rehab if you are willing to do whatever it takes to get well. On the outside chance that there’s no possible means to pay for private care, you can still access free services provided by the NHS, community-based organisations and support groups.

As an invaluable referral service, it is our job to match you with the best care for your circumstances. Please do not let fear prevent you from calling us today. We promise to do our best to find private rehab you can afford. And remember, all of our services are offered absolutely free.

Health Insurance

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