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Drug Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

This rehab clinic on West Sussex treats the holistic being, offering recovery from alcohol and drug addictions in a specialist environment.

Drug Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

This alcohol rehab in Worthing promotes overall well-being of the mind, body and spirit. The clinic provides a full therapeutic programme to encourage the client to develop a more positive approach towards their health and general overall well-being.

In order to find balance it’s important to nurture the person as a whole. Many people visit the Doctor in the hope of "getting better” they are possibly given medication to relieve the symptoms or mask the pain. However, they are not treating the core issue relating to causing the disease. The mind is an internal sensory organ that enables us to sense internally. Our thoughts are responsible for our feeling so if the mind and body are not working in unison it will affect the person ability to heal and recover internally. While medication can be life-saving and a necessity for some, it does not treat the person as a whole.

The clinic offers a range of treatments to address the unique needs of each person as an individual. The holistic treatment programme treats the person as a whole, mind, body and spirit. The clinic incorporates a variety of traditional and non-traditional healing therapies, yoga, meditation, acupuncture, stress management techniques, talk therapies, massage and nutrition all play a part in the programme of recovery.

With specialist addiction rehab facilities situated just 5 minutes walk from the seafront in Worthing, this alcohol rehab in Worthing aims to be everything the client needs to overcome their addictive behaviour and become rejuvenated.

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