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Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics in County Antrim

Rehab and detox clinics in County Antrim give a lot of things to patients. The benefit of these drug alcohol rehabilitation clinics in County Antrim is they provide far superior treatments, when compared with the state system. County Antrim has a variety of clinics available for patients to take advantage of, but the hardest thing to do is to take the decision to enter a clinic for the first time. There are things which can be done to pluck up the courage to enter rehabilitation clinics, though.

A Courageous Decision

Taking the courageous decision to enter one of County Antrim's rehabilitation clinics is difficult for many people. Every fibre of an individual's body will be fighting against beating the addiction because the body will have become so dependent on substance abuse. When not taking the substance of choice, the body will fight back in the form of withdrawal symptoms. Understandably, the person in question isn't going to want to attempt getting clean for fear of suffering from these issues.

There are things which can be done to encourage people to enter rehab and detox clinics in County Antrim, however. It's up to family and friends to help because unless they make the decision for themselves there's no other way of getting them into a safe place. Here are a few things which must be done to force the issue:

  • Have a talk with them. As long as they are sober it should provide some clues to what they are feeling. Contrary to what some people think, people who are addicted to drugs do want to get clean. Speaking to them can often be enough encouragement to get them to seek help on their own.
  • Cut off their supply lines. If they are receiving money from a family member or friend, tell them to stop. If they can't get hold of their substance of choice they will have no choice but to enter private alcohol rehab, or private drug rehab.
  • Follow through on any threats which are given. It's important to issue ultimatums as a final method of encouragement to get people to find help. Not following through on a threat can make anything said in the future worthless to them, though.
  • Let them live with the consequences of their actions. If they are constantly being saved from any negative effects of their addictions they will believe everything is ok and they can continue abusing their body this way.

On the surface, these threats could seem to be quite cruel. In reality, they are the best things which can be done for them. Not doing anything, or even worse helping them can mean they suffer far more than they would have if they had found help and cleaned themselves up.

What to Expect?

Within drug alcohol rehabilitation clinics in County Antrim, patients can expect to receive high quality treatments at the hands of experienced healthcare specialists. These treatments are administered in a number of different ways, including:

  • Individual counselling.
  • Group counselling.
  • Additional support classes.
  • Aftercare programs.
Individual Counselling

Individual counselling, or one-to-one counselling as it's sometimes called, is the staple of all rehab and detox clinics in County Antrim. County Antrim's substance abuse counselling provides patients with the opportunity to air out their grievances to a specialist counsellor. This knowledge can be used to help individuals cope with their issues in order to bring them into a better future.

These issues are often buried deep within the person because they are too traumatic to cope with. Through their addictions, they seek to forget about them and provide themselves with some relief. It doesn't work, though. They can still remember, so they continue with their addictions until they seriously hurt themselves.

The idea behind individual counselling is to allow them to cope with these things. It's impossible to eliminate them since they will always be a part of the patient's life, but through acceptance the necessity for an addiction is removed, so they stop.

Group Counselling

Group counselling is another staple of County Antrim's addiction support facilities. The idea behind rehabilitation clinics is to create an extended family for each individual. By interacting with these individuals they can build connections with them. People tend to have better results in beating their addictions when they can relate to somebody they know is going through the same experiences as them.

Group sessions are less about delving deep into the root causes of the addiction and more about sharing successes and failures as a family. It's a support mechanism which only fellow residents can provide. It increases the chances of success because nobody wants to let the rest of the group down. Going through the rehabilitation process is always easier for people if they have companions following the same path as them.

Sometimes, former patients may be employed to help with group sessions. The professional and specialised staff members who normally conduct the individual sessions are used merely to keep the sessions structured and ordered.

Additional Support Classes

Classes which provide additional support are also on offer within each County Antrim private alcohol rehab and private drug rehab facility. These classes come in various different forms, including: cooking classes, health and fitness programs, and life skills lessons. The idea behind all of this is to prepare patients for the outside world. By giving them some responsibility and a toolbox of skills to take advantage of, they have a better chance of success in keeping themselves clean in the long term.

Part of fighting off any cravings comes with distraction. By distracting themselves they are increasing their chances of defeating any cravings they might have. These skills can also be brought into play for finding a job. If they find a job they are going to have something to do during the day, which increases their self-esteem and reduces the need to turn to drugs and alcohol for help.


Rehab and detox clinics in County Antrim look to provide comprehensive aftercare programs for all residents when they leave. It's designed to make sure they can still have the support they need to make it through the first few weeks and months of abstinence without resorting to their old ways again.

Drug alcohol rehabilitation clinics in County Antrim will seek to transfer all residents into a walk-in centre when they leave. These sessions will be conducted a few times a week to allow individuals to have vital advice reinforced and the chance to speak about themselves in a warm and welcoming environment. These programs tend to last for much longer than residential treatment.

Some addiction recovery centres will even give patients a substance abuse counsellor for the first few weeks. They will have a dedicated advisor who will conduct a number of sessions a week to review their progress with. It gives them the opportunity to know they are never alone. The effectiveness of both of these techniques and aftercare additions has been demonstrated countless times. Aftercare can increase the chances of a patient recovering from their addictions in the long term many times over. Patients who make the investment in rehabilitation clinics are certainly getting value for their money.

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