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Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics in North Wales

North Wales rehab and detox clinics offer relief from the evils of any addiction. What they can provide is the opportunity to participate in a rehab program which helps to cure the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings presented by even the most severe of addictions. Drug alcohol rehabilitation clinics in North Wales are far superior to the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK, and it's what's making sure patients have the highest chance of success in beating their addictions. Read on to find out more about the rehabilitation clinics in North Wales.

Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the main things North Wales rehab and detox clinics help with is withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are some of the most dangerous aspects of having an addiction. They occur after the body is deprived of the substance in question. Rehab will seek to eliminate these substances, whilst still controlling the withdrawal symptoms.

There's no way to completely eliminate withdrawal symptoms. They are as common as a cold and happen regardless of which treatments are applied. The difference between how private drug and alcohol rehab and treating them at home is the final result. At home, there's a good chance the patient will give up and return to their old vices, or if they don't they suffer from serious health complications. In rehabilitation clinics in North Wales things differ.

Instead of succumbing to these dangerous substances, the opposite occurs and the individual gets through it without any issues. Withdrawal symptoms are treated through various medications, in the event of particularly nasty addictions. Minor addictions have minor withdrawal symptoms, so it's often quite safe to simply monitor the individual without doing anything more about it.

Withdrawal Treatment

The medications used to treat withdrawal symptoms within North Wales rehab and detox clinics can only be found in these facilities. Only these clinics are able to order and receive them by law. Furthermore, it's often the only place to find them since the NHS and the recent cuts to the NHS have impacted the ability for these medications to be freely available to those who are suffering from an addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms are treated through these substances in very specific ways. Instead of attempting to attack the symptoms, they satiate them by satisfying the cravings. The chemicals within are designed to replicate the feeling of taking drugs and alcohol. It allows the body to feel as if it's gained the ‘benefit' of the drug. Though, in reality the chemicals are quite harmless and will not cause any serious medical complications. The addictive qualities are removed from the medications so the body doesn't become addicted to this new substance.

Over time, the body becomes less dependent and the patient is free to stand alone without the influence of these dangerous substances. It's one of the healthiest ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms and more advanced forms of these medications are in constant development. Only through private drug and alcohol rehab can patients have access to them as soon as they are considered to be fit for purpose.

Luxury is the Key

Private addiction recovery clinics aim to provide a form of luxury rehab. The idea behind this is to make sure the full concentration of the residents is on getting well again. One of the main issues with undergoing treatment for an addiction is the mind is on edge and it's constantly looking at things. Staying within an inferior facility is going to give patients a reason to be unhappy, but if luxury facilities are provided it means all their needs are attended to they have to worry about nothing else.

This is the point of residential rehabilitation in the first place; to take the individual away from daily life to treat them. Through these state-of-the-art facilities, patients will have no problem concentrating on their work. All other concerns are taken out of the equation.

The Individual Approach

With a commitment to a personalised approach, the chances of defeating an addiction are increased. This is because every person is different. Whilst the symptoms of an addiction manifest themselves in exactly the same way, the reasons for the addiction flaring up in the first place can be entirely different. Only through a tailor-made program can each resident be treated in the best way possible. North Wales rehab and detox clinics are always ensuring people are given the program which is right for them.

As part of the commitment to the personalised approach, individual counselling is a staple of addiction support. Regular sessions with substance abuse counsellors are given to patients. These sessions will involve delving deep into the hearts of each person to unveil what started the problems in the first place. Once the issues are known, a variety of techniques can be employed to help them cope with what are often extremely traumatic experiences. It's about living with these issues, not attempting to remove them or change them.

With a Community

It's not enough to be given a personalised approach. Everybody needs the chance to speak to people who know what they are going through. A substance abuse counsellor may have been working with people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol for a generation, but it doesn't mean they know what they are going through. The only way to know it is to go through it. It's why patients are encouraged to bond, and this is promoted through various group sessions.

Group sessions will often be led by a substance abuse counsellor, but they will have minimal input as the emphasis is placed on the patients. All they will do is keep the discussion structured and orderly. It's hoped lifelong friends will be made through these sessions. People often rave about the success of these sessions on keeping them focused on their final goals of getting clean.

Additional Support

It's important to provide additional support for people in rehab. Drug alcohol rehabilitation clinics in North Wales give patients the chance to take advantage of aftercare programs and additional classes.

Additional classes can involve anything from cooking to learning new life skills. These are designed to give individuals with something to take with them back into the outside world. In some cases, they will just help them live, whereas sometimes it's about giving them the skills they need to get a job. It's entirely up to the residents as to what they participate in, but everybody is encouraged to get involved.

Aftercare is another example of additional support given by rehabilitation clinics. The main benefit of aftercare is it shows everybody where to go when they leave residential treatment. Mainly, it involves sending them to walk-in centres where a number of sessions are conducted each week. It keeps them addicted to the rehabilitation community and reinforces the lessons learned during the residential treatment program. It can do wonders for keeping people on the straight and narrow.

Some clinics go that extra mile by making available a trained healthcare specialist to speak to the individual over the phone over the next month or two. It gives them the chance to review their progress and to speak to somebody who knows what they are doing. It's a service which comes free of charge and demonstrates commitment to giving patients the best possible service.


Relapsing is every former patient's worst fear. If they relapse they are back in the same position as before, but the good news is all drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities are willing to treat them again. There's no discrimination between newer patients and older patients. It's the main benefit of these clinics because the truth is a certain number of people in every group will need another round of treatment at some point during their lives. Always remember the door is open for additional detoxification and rehabilitation treatments.

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