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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Clinics in Bedfordshire

Rehab treatment clinics Bedfordshire ensure they will provide the best treatments for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Bedfordshire have the benefit of being far superior to their National Health Service (NHS) counterparts. This is because they are funded by the private sector and don't have to deal with government cuts. They are a permanent fixture and patients won't be suffering as a result of external factors.

Why Go Private?

There are many reasons why going to a private rehab clinic is far superior than going to a state-run NHS clinic. A rehabilitation treatment centre funded privately is able to operate free from the restrictions of the state machine. It means they can obtain the latest equipment and the most luxurious facilities without any issues. Patients are therefore given the best chance of dealing with their addictions.

Private sector rehabilitation clinics are also open to everybody. One of the major problems of the state system is it only covers hard addictions. It means if somebody has an addiction to prescription drugs or cannabis they won't be covered under the system. It means the only option for the individual is to suffer in silence. A private addiction treatment clinic works in an entirely different way. They don't discriminate. As long as they have an addiction which needs to be treated they will be welcomed with open arms.

Furthermore, there are no waiting lists. One of the main benefits of the private sector is there are no waiting lists. After taking the important decision to find help for an addiction speed is of the essence. Somebody can change their mind about attending rehabilitation at any time, but if they can get the help they need when they need it there will be no problems with relapsing on the decision to seek help. The NHS system can take months to receive therapy, unless the patient happens to be on the verge of death.

Taking the Decision

Drug and alcohol rehab clinics in Bedfordshire can be hard to enter since seeking help is acknowledging there's a problem. Making the decision can only be done by the individual themselves, but there are things close family members and friends can do to help. Here are the strategies which can be employed to help encourage somebody into a rehabilitation treatment centre to undergo addiction recovery:

  • Make sure the addiction isn't being funded. Somebody without a job isn't going to be able to fund their addiction without the help of someone else. Cut these supply lines and there will be no way to continue with this substance abuse.
  • Let them experience the consequences of their own actions. Don't bail them out of jail if they get into trouble with law enforcement, and don't pay off their debts for them.
  • Issue an ultimatum to them. If an ultimatum is given it's imperative to follow through on it because otherwise they won't take any future threats seriously. Never be afraid to be cruel as it truly is the best thing for them.
Making a Move

Making the first move to enter rehab will involve calling the private help line and getting in touch with a professional on the other end of the line. These healthcare professionals will be able to diagnose any caller and determine what the best course of action is for them. These are qualified doctors and are using their years of experience to help patients from afar.

It's one of the reasons why attending a rehab clinic in the private sector is the superior choice. Many people are put off by the prospect of having to go through the trouble of undergoing a face-to-face examination with a doctor. Some of the questions can also be quite hard to answer, and although they are asked over the phone here's a brief introduction to the things which will come up in the conversation:

  • How long has the addiction lasted for?
  • Why does the individual think the addiction started in the first place?
  • What happens when the substance of choice isn't taken?
  • Have they ever undergone any rehabilitation treatment to beat their addictions before?
  • What prompted them to seek out treatment in the first place?

Of course, these questions will be worded slightly differently for each patient, but the same principle applies to each. Answer as honestly as possible and don't worry if some of the answers are quite vague. These professionals understand how difficult it can be to answer some of these things.

Inside Rehab

An addiction treatment clinic in Bedfordshire will perform their duties in very much the same way. The differences will depend on the patient. Each patient will have specific needs, which is why each recovery program is tailored to them. There will be a different amount of emphasis on each aspect off treatment depending on the patient. Here are the things which are used to help people beat their addictions in rehab:

  • Individual counselling is the main aspect of any rehab program because it enables each individual to discover exactly why they turned to substance abuse in the first place. Once they can discover why they are having issues they can learn to cope with them. It's often the hardest part of getting clean.
  • Group support comes in the form of interacting with other patients, and former patients. Residents will discuss their triumphs and tribulations in a group environment. The whole thing is like one big extended family. It's designed to make sure nobody feels alone and everybody has a shoulder to cry on. People tend to report the presence of group sessions is a big help to them.
  • Additional classes are included to help people with their problems. They give people the skills they need to make something of themselves when they enter the real world again.
  • Aftercare programs differ slightly depending on the rehab facility in question. Most of them do make sure to direct patients towards a walk-in rehabilitation treatment centre when they leave, though.

All of these things are available to patients who make the decision to get help for their substance abuse. Even residents who feel like they have to return for another dose of treatment in the future will be welcomed back into the fold with open arms. There's always help out there!

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