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There are many addictive substances, including illegal drugs and prescription medication, but one that most people forget about is alcohol. As alcohol is legal and is widely encouraged in society today, many fail to realise how dangerous it can actually be. However, there are many individuals for whom alcohol is a huge problem, and these people often need alcohol rehab facilities in order to overcome their addictive behaviour.

The dangers of excessive alcohol were laid out by the Government in January 2016 when a Public Health England report was published. In this report, it was recommended that the weekly alcohol guidelines for men be reduced to fourteen to bring it into line with the weekly limit already recommended for women. The report also warned of the dangers of heavy drinking and said that there is no safe limit in terms of preventing certain illnesses such as cancer.

Alcohol-Related Violence

As well as being dangerous to physical and mental health, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to other serious incidents. Many individuals become aggressive or violent while under the influence of alcohol. The Chief Constable of Inverclyde police force has revealed that violence and disorder in his areas are ‘of the utmost concern to the police’.

Philip Gormley said that most violent incidents occur in the home and said that alcohol-related hospital admissions in Inverclyde are above the national average. He also revealed that drug-related admissions are more than twice the national average.

Drinking at Home

Cheap alcohol has made drinking at home much more common than it used to be and people seem to be drinking large quantities of alcohol within their own homes. Chief Constable Gormley said his police force would use a number of tactics to tackle this problem, adding, “Police Scotland will continue to support visible and preventative policing, focussing on reassurance through intervention and tackling re-offending.”

He said that because alcohol has become more accessible and more affordable, it ‘continues to be a principal factor in many of the incidents reported to the police’. He also said, “Its misuse is a contributor when dealing with anti-social behaviour, violence and disorder, domestic abuse and child protection.”

Tackling the Problem

The police are categorising licenced premises that have been brought to their attention in a bid to tackle the problem of alcohol abuse. They are using three levels to categorise these establishments, with the first being ‘monitoring’. This involves supervision and extra support from the police.

The second level gives the police the power to ensure the premises is operated safely by providing formal agreements and direct intervention. However, those premises that are classified as ‘problematic’ will typically be subjected to a licence review. Thankfully, out of the 209 licenced premises in Inverclyde, only three were being monitored by police. None were classified as needing intervention or a licence review, which leads police to believe that most heavy drinking occurs in the home.

Dangers of Alcohol Abuse

With more people drinking at home and alcohol getting cheaper, there are concerns that more individuals are at risk of alcohol addiction. Alcohol abuse is common in the UK, and those who regularly drink more than the recommended weekly guidelines are in danger of crossing the line from habitual drinking to problem drinking.

It is often difficult for those affected by alcohol addiction to tell that they have a problem. Those who are regularly drinking may be unable to see that their drinking has started to cause negative consequences, despite the fact that everyone else around them can see it.

Nevertheless, alcohol abuse can be very dangerous to mental and physical health. Alcohol has been linked to hundreds of different health conditions including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, liver disease, dementia, and cancer.

Do You Need Alcohol Rehab Facilities?

It is important to point out that once a person has become addicted to alcohol, he or she will most likely need to find alcohol rehab facilities where they can access treatments that will help them recover. Alcoholism is an illness that can be treated, but it is a progressive illness and will not simply go away on its own if you ignore it.

Those who have a physical dependence on alcohol have no control over their drinking and will continue to abuse alcohol even when doing so will cause negative consequences. If you are drinking more than before or are finding it difficult to stop once you start, you may have a problem.

If you are worried about your own drinking or the drinking habits of someone you love, contact us here at UK Rehab today. We can assess your situation and confirm your fears or put your mind at rest. We can also assist when it comes to finding suitable alcohol rehab facilities.

Accessing Treatments

Most people who need help for addiction are unsure of where to look for treatments. With so much information available online, finding the right alcohol rehab facilities can be overwhelming. The good news is that you do not have to spend hours and hours looking for a rehab facility to suit your needs.

Here at UK Rehab, we have already compiled a list of the various organisations operating in towns and cities around the UK. We work alongside the NHS, charities, local support groups and private clinics. We also work with private clinics operating overseas for those who want to go abroad for treatment. Contact us today for a free assessment and referral.


  1.  ‘Alcohol-related violence in Inverclyde is a concern’ (The Greenock Telegraph)
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