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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

New Year’s Eve is a time when people love to celebrate; it is also the time when some of the biggest parties of the year take place. If you have just recently given up alcohol, you may be very worried about how you are going to stay sober at this time. Your first New Year’s without alcohol could feel a bit strange, but there is actually no reason why you cannot have a wonderful time of it. Below are a few ideas for how you can stay sober at this special time of year.

Go to a Sober New Year’s Eve Party

Alcoholics Anonymous will usually have a New Year’s Eve party going on in cities around the UK. You do not have to be a member to attend these events, although you may need to know a member so they can arrange your ticket. The AA New Year’s parties tend to be great fun with sober people up dancing and just generally having a good time. It can also be a very special feeling to be around other sober people at the very start of a New Year. Attending one of these events allows you to see that it will be possible for you to have a great social life without alcohol.

Discuss Your Concerns about New Year with People Who Understand

The fact that you are scared about how you are going to survive the New Year celebrations is actually a good thing because it shows that you are taking your recovery seriously. It is important that you share these concerns with other people though so that you can get support and some useful advice. The best people to speak to are those also in recovery because they will understand exactly what you are feeling. If you belong to a recovery group, you will find plenty of support from this fellowship.

Don’t Allow Relapse to be an Option

Do not be fooled into thinking that it will be okay for you to drink on New Year’s Eve and then stop again the next day. It does not work like that. If you relapse, there is no telling when you are going to be able to stop again or even if you will ever be able to stop again. This means that by relapsing, you could be chucking away your only chance of a good life in sobriety. It is also important to understand that most people who relapse regret it right away, but they just do not feel able to stop.

Don’t Romance the Drink at New Year

It is common for people who relapse to start by romancing the drink – this means that they spend time remembering the time when alcohol seemed to be benefiting their life. It is normal to have these thoughts occasionally, but the problem is if you allow yourself to dwell on them. It is vital that you are able to recall your reasons for giving up alcohol. You need to keep in mind the old saying, ‘those who forget their mistakes are doomed to repeat them’.

Try to Avoid High Risk Environments

If you are still in early recovery, it is usually best to avoid being around people who are drinking alcohol. This can just be too much temptation, and these individuals may try to pressurise you into joining them; there is even the risk that somebody could spike your drink. There are plenty of events going on over the New Year that do not involve alcohol, so it is best that you choose one of these.

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