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24 hours rehab
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Crime & Addiction Explained

One of the biggest social problems caused by addiction is crime. It can destroy, and even end, lives.

What Is Crime?

Crime is committing an act which is against the law and is punishable by the state. Criminal law is a vast and complex field, especially in the UK, where our long history and idiosyncratic constitution make it difficult to clearly list all forms of crime.

Why Do People Commit Crime?

There are many reasons why people commit crimes: mental health issues, desperation, unwillingness to work, thrill-seeking and opportunism are but a few. Meanwhile, philosophical and academic enquiries into the broader phenomenon of crime have been ongoing, while its causes remain a matter of debate.

Types of Crime Common in Drug Addiction

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Alongside possession, the most common crimes related to addiction are those committed in order to pay for drugs. This can include a number of unlawful behaviour such as supplying and producing drugs, theft, burglary, robbery and other acquisitive crime, as well as acts related to prostitution.

Many crimes are committed by addicts who are heavily impaired by substance abuse and/or associated mental health disorders. These crimes include acts of violence, sex crimes, driving offences, indecent exposure, public order offences and many more.

Crime as an Addiction Symptom

Crime and addiction are closely linked. A significant proportion of the UK prison population has been convicted for either drug offences (typically the supply or production of illegal drugs) or crimes committed whilst under the influence.

An individual suffering from a substance abuse disorder has many reasons to commit crimes. The possession of illegal drugs is itself a crime. Participating in criminal behaviour may also be a  result of impaired decision-making whilst under the influence.

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What Are the Risk Factors for Crime in Drug Addiction?

Addiction itself is the biggest risk factor. If someone is desperate for drugs, and cannot afford them, they may go to great lengths in order to acquire the necessary funds. Meanwhile, coexisting mental health disorders, a history of criminal behaviour, aggressive behaviour, and gang affiliation are but a few of a huge array of factors which are known to increase the likelihood that a given addict will commit a crime.

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