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Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a dangerous and harmful disease. Not only does repeated drug abuse have the potential to lead to a state of drug dependence, but over time the brain's structure and function can change significantly - altering the way the brain and body communicate and leading to higher levels of tolerance. With greater tolerance to drugs comes the higher risk of overdose and death. At a day to day level, substance abuse leads to reduced cognitive function and learning - reduced control, reduced ability to learn, make decisions, and even reason to form proper judgements. Drug addiction can lead to varying degrees of mental health problems.

The Case for Drug Addiction Rehabilitation

If you need further evidence to create the case for addiction rehab or intervention, consider the following statistics:

It's estimated there are over 440,000 problematic drug users in the UK. There are more than 180,000 crack users and more than 260,000 opiate users. Of those, perhaps as many as 280,000 have an acknowledged crack cocaine addiction or heroin addiction. Around 2,000 people die drug-related deaths annually. The average heroin user starts using heroin at around the age of 15 and about half of drug abusers who get treatment have children - conservative estimates suggest that well over 300,000 children are directly affected by parental drug use - with the possibility of genetic, developmental, physical, psychological, social and environmental risks. But it's acknowledged that parents receiving drug addiction help - specifically drug addiction rehab treatment - pose less of a risk to their children. And escaping drug dependence is vital to providing a normal, supportive, productive and safe home environment for children.

Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction recovery is possible, but most drug addicts only manage to free themselves of their drug dependence by attending drug abuse programmes in rehabilitation treatment centers. The better the drug rehab centre, the better the chance of successful drug addiction recovery. So to overcome drug addiction there are several challenges before we even talk about drug abuse treatment programmes. Firstly, the person with the drug abuse problem has to recognise that it is a problem, and want to seek out drug addiction help. If they don't recognise the issue alone, then their loved ones need to organise an addict intervention, whereby a family interventionist helps them to prepare for and set up a meeting with the drug addict to explain every negative effect their drug abuse is having, on the people they know as much as their own lives. An addict intervention can be the difference between life and death. Finding the right drug rehab centre is another serious undertaking: deciding between private drug rehab clinics or NHS, residential drug rehab or outpatient care. Part of that process involves understanding the ins and outs of drug addiction treatment - and whether the preferred drug rehab centre offers the drug abuse treatment programmes which fit the addiction or addictions. Many drug addicts are also alcoholics, so it might be best to identify suitable combined drug and alcohol rehab centres in order to obtain the level of expertise needed for both alcohol and drug addiction help. Prescription medication addiction is a common problem that's perhaps overlooked in its seriousness by the general public, and many people will be surprised to find there's even such a thing as cannabis addiction, since cannabis is seen more as a recreational drug than as the kind of narcotic which creates an addict.That's why it's so important to speak with experts in alcohol and drug addiction treatment. Here at UK Rehab Helper we work with a wide network of drug and alcohol rehab centres. All of the private drug rehab clinics we work with are members of the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator which looks after all health issues, including drug and alcohol rehab centres. We ourselves work to the code of practice set by The Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals, so you can be sure that at every step - from our free addiction assessment, through our explanation of the nature of drug abuse and drug dependence, our insight into cannabis addiction, cocaine addiction, heroin addiction and pharmaceutical and prescription medication addiction, and our unique knowledge of the UK's private drug rehab clinics and advantages of residential drug rehab centers, and on to drug addiction treatment and successful drug addiction recovery - is guided by leading medical and professional standards.

Drug Addiction Treatment - From Detox to Recovery

Treating dependence on narcotics, from opioid to marijuana to prescription drugs, first involves drug detox. Drug detox is best carried out in residential drug rehab centres, where medical professionals can monitor the withdrawal process and prescribe pain relievers to help addicts through the often dangerous detoxification of the system. Every drug addiction treatment needs to start with drug detox. Only once the system is clean can the next phase of drug abuse treatment programmes progress to therapy and counselling, wherein the origins of the drug addiction are explored and identified by qualified therapists and the cravings for drugs are gradually overcome and the rehabilitation journey begins. Complete drug addiction recovery may not be as simple as completing the addiction treatment. Drug abuse can lead to a variety of financial, social and psychological barriers to what we'd consider a normal lifestyle, and a therapist will help investigate how best to overcome these barriers. Many drug addicts will continue to see a therapist long after they've checked out of residential drug rehab - to reduce the chances of relapse and work towards a lifelong drug addiction recovery.

If you're worried about the effects of drug addiction, help is at hand. Contact us now for a free drug addiction assessment, to discuss addict intervention, to find out more about drug abuse treatment programmes or for help in finding the best private drug rehabilitation clinics for your needs.

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