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Many addicts blame their addiction on things such as their life being in a mess or that their spouse works all the time and they are lonely or bored. There is a lot of blame bandied about by addicts, but the truth is that no matter what the circumstances,…


Drug addiction affects many women and, unfortunately, many become pregnant while in the grip of their illness. If you have found yourself in this situation, you may be wondering…

A detox is the process that will help to break the physical cycle of a substance addiction such as alcoholism. But what happens after alcohol detox?

There are many treatments used to help those suffering from addictions such as alcoholism, and detoxification is one of them. For most…


Once an individual has developed a drug or alcohol addiction, it can be extremely challenging to overcome the issue; many will go through treatment that includes detoxification


Drug and alcohol addictions are an extremely common issue here in the UK, causing widespread concern among experts who feel that there is not enough support for those affected. One…

It can be difficult to overcome such an addiction, but with the support of medical professionals, the detoxification process, it is entirely achievable.

Anyone who uses drugs or alcohol is prone to addiction. Whether this is heroin, alcohol, cocaine or even prescription drugs, the consequences of these addictions are all the same.…


When overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, a process of detoxification is usually necessary. Although detox can be difficult, it…


It is hard for much of the general populace to understand that alcohol is a harmful substance. Those who drink alcohol in moderation may never drink to get drunk, and the idea that…


Many people have misconceptions about drug addiction and the type of individuals affected by it. They also mistakenly believe that this illness is something that only affects big…


Although some people would prefer to detox from drugs or alcohol in the comfort of their own home, many experts believe that detox treatment clinics


If you have finally decided that you want to give up alcohol or drugs, then the first step on the road to recovery is detoxification.…


Cannabis is the most widely used illegal drug in the UK. Almost half of all 16 to 29-year-olds have tried the drug at least once. It is reckoned over 2 million people regularly smoke…


A detox refers to the process of eliminating a substance or chemical from an individual's body. To give an identifiable example, some of you may have decided to quit sugar or caffeine…


If you are at a point in your life where you are wishing to stop your alcohol intake completely, you may be considering a home detox. But before you go ahead with this there are…

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