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Many addicts blame their addiction on things such as their life being in a mess or that their spouse works all the time and they are lonely or bored. There is a lot of blame bandied about by addicts, but the truth is that no matter what the circumstances,…

Knowing what alcohol rehab is like and what it could mean for you may have given you the incentive you need to take action

There are many obstacles to addiction recovery, not least of which is the cost of treatment. Although there are free options available here in the UK, they do tend…

Addiction continues to be a taboo subject, with most people skirting around the issue rather than facing it head-on.

A new report released by the Health Research Board (HRB) in Northern Ireland shows that there has been a decrease in the number of addicts coming in for first-time rehab…


Alcohol rehabilitation entails various options and stages depending on one’s level of dependency on alcohol. There…


Danniella Westbrook, star of the popular EastEnders soap, is entering rehab treatment to face her demons. She announced…


Drug rehabilitation treatment is an ongoing process and should be followed and respected by…


Drug rehabilitation treatment may have one more trick up its sleeve to treat the symptoms…


There are many reasons people turn to crime, and addiction is one of them. Those who find themselves addicted to substances such as alcohol or drugs often find themselves behind…


Most people assume that those in need of residential drug treatment are those who have been…


In order to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is usual for those affected to require professional treatment in a dedicated facility such as a private drug…


Most parents would do anything in their power to help a child with a drug addiction, including paying for treatment in drug…


The importance of support and aftercare once a programme of drug rehab has been completed can never be underestimated.…


Most people forget that alcohol is actually a highly addictive and often dangerous substance, and this is due to the fact that it is legal and widely available. However, this recreational…


When it comes to treating addiction, drug and alcohol rehab programmes are an effective way to overcome these illnesses.…


Overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction often requires a programme of detoxification followed by treatment in drug and alcohol rehab…


When it comes to tackling the issue of heroin addiction, drug rehab clinics do a fantastic job. Nonetheless, many of…


Clients who contact us here at UK Rehab for help are often looking for sound addiction advice. As a leading source of free advice and referrals, we are happy to provide it. The advice…


Those affected by addiction often find it difficult to overcome their illness. This is mainly because of either not being able to face up to the fact that there is a problem or because…


It is difficult for those with no first-hand experience of addiction to understand why someone would continue to abuse substances such as alcohol or drugs, especially when doing…

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