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Rehab treatment centers are an important tool in every patient's toolbox. It's not a good idea to attempt to treat an addiction at home because there are so many problems which can arise. Drug and alcohol treatment requires professionals on hand at all times to make sure it's as safe as possible. A drug and alcohol treatment clinic is the only place where the correct treatment can be found.

Drug Alcohol Abuse Rehab

The only way to be able to cure a drug and alcohol addiction is to enter a rehabilitation centre. The reason for this is they have the right safeguards in place to protect against the inevitable withdrawal symptoms. It's why patients are specifically warned against attempting to treat a drug and alcohol addiction without help from the professionals.

Even within drug and alcohol abuse rehab it's impossible to stop the onset of withdrawal symptoms. They are a part of the body giving up its dependence on these substances. It's a defensive mechanism similar to the hunger reaction. In order to avoid the body shutting itself down the proper safeguards must be put in place, and the only way to do this is through seeking our treatment from one of the many rehab treatment centers.

What a Drug Alcohol Treatment Clinic Does

When first combating these symptoms, the addition recovery center will aim to find out as much as possible about the patient and their addiction. Through careful questioning and examination, they can create a rough prediction of the type of symptoms they will develop before they happen. The good news about withdrawal is the experience differs depending on how severe the addiction is.

For example, a minor addiction would cause things like shaking of the hands and a dry mouth. On the other hand, an extreme addiction can cause things like hallucinations, organ failure, and death. Heroin addictions are known to be particularly violent as many people have died when attempting to quit using it.

A drug alcohol addiction centre will solve the problem through monitoring. Lesser addictions most likely won't need any intervention apart from watching to see the individual doesn't take a turn for the worst. More severe addictions will involve the use of medications in an attempt to prevent the body from initiating a serious backlash against itself.

These medications attempt to replicate the same impact as the drug itself, thus satiating the body's desire for the substance. In reality, these substances are not dangerous at all. Another major difference is the addictive qualities found in the original substance are removed, so the patient won't become addicted to this new medication.

The availability of these new medications is a problem within the state-run National Health Service (NHS) system, which is why people are urged to invest in private rehabilitation clinics. Within these clinics there's no rationing and each patient is given precisely what they need to overcome their demons.

Choosing to Enter Rehab

The decision to enter drug and alcohol addiction treatment has to come from the individual who is suffering from the addiction. Nobody can force anybody into the decision, although there are people who can help with this. Eventually taking the decision to enter a drug alcohol treatment clinic is difficult, but once it's been done the first port of call should be the private help line. Here's a simple guide to follow to get into rehab:

  • Call the private help line and speak to the healthcare specialist on the other end of the line.
  • Undergo a diagnosis from a doctor on the other end of the line. They are able to carry out a diagnosis over the phone using their years of experience.
  • Advice will be given to the caller about what to do next. From here, it's possible to register with one of the many rehab treatment centers.

After the advice has been received it's just a matter of time before the individual enters rehab. It's a much more efficient way of doing things than in person because what many people don't understand is how terrifying it is for somebody who is suffering from an addiction. Somebody is more likely to enter drug alcohol abuse rehab if they don't have to undergo the obstacle of going out and receiving a physical evaluation. Furthermore, this is a much faster way of entering rehabilitation.

When entering drug and alcohol treatment it's necessary to move quickly. From the moment the decision is made to enter rehab the clock is ticking, the individual could relapse on their decision at any time. If they decide drug alcohol addiction recovery isn't right for them it will be necessary to start the whole process again.

The First Few Days

Entering a drug alcohol treatment clinic is a nerve-wracking experience, which is why it's a good idea for each individual to know about what will happen within the first few days of treatment.

  • Firstly, an adjustment period will allow the patient to get used to their new surroundings. They will be shown around the facility and told where everything is. At this point it's not uncommon to receive a schedule so there's a minimal amount of uncertainty about when things will happen and where.
  • The new resident will be introduced to some of the staff members who will be taking charge of their care, as well as a few patients. It's completely informal and it's just about getting to know each other for now.
  • An initial group support session will formally introduce the new resident to everyone who they will be working with during the addiction recovery process. All the new patients will get to know the group to help create a community spirit.
  • Experiencing any withdrawal symptoms is tough, but the right amount of support will be given in these first few days. Everybody understands how difficult it can be to get rid of an addiction for what could be, for many people, the first time in years.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse rehab will introduce its first private counseling session. In the first few days it will just be a matter of touching upon the issues surrounding the addiction, before delving into the more complex issues which started the addiction in the first place.

Once the first few days in the facility have been completed it shouldn't take long before the individual is ready to begin the most strenuous part of treatment. After a schedule has been created, dealing with the issues should become easier. The hardest thing about beating an addiction is getting through the first few days. Time makes all addictions easier to handle.

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