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Detox clinics in Sussex are the way to go if an addiction needs to be beaten. Professional and experienced staff members are on hand to help beat the drug and alcohol addictions of people in Sussex through detoxification and rehabilitation. There are many reasons why patients will want to choose this system over the state-run National Health Service (NHS) of the UK, but it can be summed up by quality, funding, and superior success rates.

Professional Staff on Hand

Rehab detox treatment clinics in Sussex have trained and experienced staff members on hand to help residential patients with anything they might need. They are the providers of detoxification treatment and provide counselling for patients who need help dealing with their issues. Overall, they are involved in every aspect of life within these facilities, and it's what provides Sussex's patients with an increased chance of success. Being able to obtain this sort of close monitoring just isn't possible anywhere else.

Here are the things which professional staff members specialise in within detox clinics in Sussex:

  • Individual counselling. Substance abuse counsellors are able to talk to people on their level to try to understand why they became addicted to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Through careful psychological techniques, they will instil the belief that it's ok to speak about traumatic issues to them.
  • Detoxification. Patients will detox by taking advantage of the medications given to them in an effort to simulate the substance of choice, whilst removing the addictive qualities to gently pry the body away from its dependencies.
  • More often than not, professional healthcare specialists will look to take a back seat within group support sessions. The idea is to have patients interact without too much prompting. All staff members are looking to do is to keep a structured and orderly approach to the session.
  • General care needs. People often forget Sussex's private rehabilitation clinics have a duty to fulfil the daily needs of patients. It's not just about providing detox and rehabilitation, it's about living in general.
Detox Medications

Detoxification isn't just about being able to stay away from drugs and alcohol for a specified period of time. People have to be able to eliminate their dependencies without impacting their health. Detox clinics in Sussex acknowledge it's not always possible to simply remove drugs and alcohol and expect patients to cope. Sometimes it can be dangerous because the withdrawal symptoms can become too much and the body will shut down. To avoid this, certain medications are brought into play.

These medications, of course, will differ depending on the patient and the level of addiction severity. Once a drug is administered it will help to replicate the same feeling as the real thing, but there's a difference. The addictive chemicals within the normal drug are removed so the body doesn't become dependent on this new medication. On the contrary, the drug is completely safe and won't impact the health off the individual. Rehab detox treatment clinics in Sussex can gently wean people off of their vices without putting them in danger.

The beauty of getting treated in a private clinic is many of these drugs aren't available on the NHS due to funding cuts. Furthermore, revolutionary new substances always reach Sussex's private sector before reaching the NHS. Thus patients are able to benefit far more than if they had opted for the state system.

Close Control

The idea behind entering a private rehabilitation clinic as a residential patient is to give control over to the experts. When somebody is addicted to a certain substance they have problems with beating their cravings. In order to have the highest chance of success, staff members look to implement a certain way of life. Studies which have been carried out into the success of certain techniques stipulate patients who give themselves fully to the cause are more likely to get clean and avoid relapsing in the future.

It's also a well-known fact everybody is different. Although addictions manifest themselves in similar ways, the reasons for the addiction can be very different. Somebody could turn to drugs and alcohol as a result of childhood abuse, whereas others turn to these same substances as a result of crushing stress in their lives. Within private detox clinics in Sussex, patients have a program which is tailored to their specific needs. It's the art of close control and it makes sure a full and proper amount of concentration is handed over to people who know what they are doing.

Entering Rehab

Rehab detox treatment clinics in Sussex are not difficult to enter due to the fact there are no waiting lists and no restrictions on the type of addictions treated. Luckily, face-to-face appointments with the local doctor are also eliminated, which is often a major point of concern for prospective patients. Here's an outline of exactly what needs to be done to enter rehab detox treatment clinics in Sussex:

  • Make the decision to enter rehab. It's often the hardest step, yet it's the most important step as nobody can force somebody into getting clean. It's a decision which has to be taken with conviction.
  • Call the private help line and talk to a professional about what needs to be done and what the desired end result is.
  • Get assessed over the phone with an experienced GP. Since they are so highly-trained in what they do, they can listen to the symptoms and the lifestyle choices of somebody over the phone to decide what needs to be done next. The assessment will involve talking about the symptoms of the individual and some lifestyle questions. Nothing private or traumatic will be spoken about at this stage.
  • After the assessment has been completed, the doctor will be able to discuss what needs to be done next. They can direct people to the right private rehabilitation clinic and discuss what will be provided to the individual and what will happen next.
  • Once they fulfil the eligibility requirements they can enter a Sussex addiction support centre, where they will live as a resident and sustain the full benefit of comprehensive rehab treatment.

Programs generally only last for a few months, but aftercare programs are offered once the initial period of treatment is completed. Abstinence is something which never ends and will continue until the end of the patient's life. With aftercare, patients can be prevented from suffering from a relapse years after they leave treatment.

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