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Our role at Rehab Helper is to provide trustworthy, non-judgemental advice and guidance and support for anyone seeking addiction rehabilitation. We work with addicts, their friends and loved ones to establish the nature and extent of the addiction, arrange family interventions where appropriate, outline the possible therapy and treatments, identify the most appropriate rehab clinics, and help with arranging acceptance onto a rehabilitation programme.

If someone you care about is exhibiting signs of addiction whether it's excessive marijuana use, long-term dependency on pharmaceuticals, binge drinking of alcohol or even financially damaging levels of gambling contact us for immediate rehabilitation help. If you yourself fear that you may be in the grip of an addiction, or that your health, finances or relationships are suffering because of a habit, please call us now - we can help you find the treatment to turn things around before it's too late. Our counsellors offer addiction assessments for free, so it costs nothing to assess your personal situation.

Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism is dangerous, and dangerously misunderstood. Too long seen as a weakness, alcoholism is now recognised as a disease with far-reaching consequences for the alcoholic and their families. Alcoholism's effects are well chronicled, but it's still seen as a condition which ’wouldn't happen to me' by most UK drinkers. So alcohol rehabilitation may seem an extreme step to take for anyone who doesn't begin drinking alcohol the moment they wake up, but the reality is that the sooner treatment is sought at a suitable treatment clinic, the easier it will be to ensure that alcohol abuse doesn't become full-blown alcoholism. And because drinking alcohol and to an excessive amount and frequency has become so much the norm, recognising the signs of alcoholism from the outside becomes increasingly difficult. If you suspect your drinking is beginning to take over your life that fancying a pint or a glass of wine after work has evolved into a rather more overwhelming urge, or that you can never stick to one or two alcoholic drinks when the opportunity arises then you should seek help now. You should feel no shame or embarrassment alcoholism's potency is something we're extremely familiar with and we're well equipped to help you make the right decisions on treatment and rehabilitation, including where to find the best alcohol treatment programmes and clinics.

If someone you know has taken their love of alcohol too far, you may find it difficult to broach the subject of rehab with them, or they may refuse to accept that they are an alcoholic or need any form of help. Even if they recognise their addiction, rehab may be too scary a prospect and they may want to detox alone. But we advocate controlled rehab for alcoholics because depending on the extent of the alcohol dependency, there's a serious risk to the drinker's physical health if the alcohol detoxification isn't strictly monitored by medical personnel in a professional clinic that specialises in rehab for alcoholism.

What's more, there are alcohol rehab programmes for everyone, regardless of budget, from 5-star luxury rehabilitation centres to more affordable private clinics or local community-based rehab for alcoholics. Most importantly at this stage, at Rehab Helper we offer a free addiction assessment to determine the scale and risk of alcoholism. There's nothing to lose from contacting us, and everything to lose by ignoring the situation.

Drug rehab

Similarly, drug rehabilitation should always be handled by a professional used to dealing with drug detoxification whether from drugs such as marijuana, which are seen in a less dangerous light, to prescription drug addiction arising from long-term medical dependency, or class A drugs such as heroin. The first step in drug rehab will be detox, and that may well require medical support in the form of substitute pharmaceuticals, available only on prescription. A residential clinic is usually the safest place for this treatment process.

For alcohol or drug rehab to be successful, a personalised treatment programme will be required. While addiction's effects are broadly similar, every individual has their own psychological, financial, professional and personal circumstances which will influence the route their drug rehabilitation treatment should take. Therapy is an absolutely integral feature in all alcohol and drug rehab programmes and any other addiction rehabilitation for that matter though the ratios of group-based therapy and one-to-one therapy with a psychologist or trained counsellor will depend entirely on the individual. Therapy treatments like these get to the root of an addict's behaviour, identifying the causes and making recovery a more manageable process. Rehabilitation's effectiveness is ultimately in the hands of the addict and their own will to succeed, but without the right team helping them, the odds on successful self-treatment are next to non-existent. So contact Rehab Helper now for sound, impartial advice on rehabilitation clinics, treatments, therapy and the most advisable course of addiction rehab treatment.

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