Treatment Packages

Choosing the right treatment package is a crucial first step in overcoming addiction. Everyone is different with their own unique needs and life situations which need to be considered when assessing treatment options. This is why rehab centres in the UK offer a variety of different treatment packages to cater for as many people as possible. Understanding what each treatment package involves and their potential pros and cons can help you and your loved ones make an informed choice.

What is a treatment package?

A treatment package is a structured programme offered by an addiction treatment centre. It is designed to address the different aspects of addiction, including physical dependency and withdrawal, all the emotional and psychological issues which fuel addiction and how best to prevent relapse once treatment is finished.

To ensure that all of these key considerations are met, rehab treatment should ideally include a mix of medical detox, rehab therapies and ongoing support to ensure you get the comprehensive care you need. This may only sometimes be possible due to time constraints and personal circumstances, but it is very important that you choose a treatment package that gives you the best chance of recovery.

What to consider when choosing your treatment package

Whether you are seeking help for yourself or a loved one, here are some things to think about which can help guide your decision:

The severity of your addiction
This is the first thing you need to be honest with yourself about. How intense and long-lasting has your addiction been? Have you tried to quit before but been unsuccessful? These are important questions because more severe or long-term addictions may need a longer stay in rehab treatment.
Inpatient or outpatient treatment
You will also need to decide if you need an inpatient programme, where you stay at the facility full-time, or an outpatient programme, where you attend treatment sessions but live at home. Inpatient treatment often provides more intensive support, while outpatient treatment can offer more flexibility to fit around your daily life.
Your personal commitments
Think about your personal and work responsibilities. Shorter packages might be easier to fit into your life if you have a lot of family or career commitments but longer treatment packages can help you make bigger breakthroughs as you dedicate more time and energy to your recovery.
Your previous treatment history
If you have undergone drug or alcohol rehab before but relapsed, a longer, more intensive treatment package could be helpful. This will give you the time to look at what went wrong last time and make changes to your approach.
Support System
Consider the support you have from family and friends. A strong support system can complement shorter treatment packages, while less support means you benefit more from extended care.
Aftercare programmes
Some treatment packages provide continued support after rehabilitation to help keep you in check. Free aftercare is often available for everyone regardless of how long their treatment package lasts, but this is something you will need to check when assessing your options.
7-day package
A 7-day treatment package can be a great starting point. It is designed to help you safely detox and start the withdrawal process safely. While a week might not be enough time to dive deeply into t…

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14-day package
The 14-day treatment package offers a bit more time to work on your recovery. This package can work well if you need more intensive therapy alongside your detox. A 14-day package can be particularl…

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28-day package
The 28-day treatment package is a more comprehensive option, providing a thorough and immersive look into the causes of your addiction and how to address them. This package may be right for you if …

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90-day package
The 90-day treatment package is usually the most intensive and thorough option available. It is designed for people with severe or long-term addictions who need more extensive support. As with all …

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Bespoke rehab package
A bespoke treatment package offers a highly personalised approach, which can be scheduled around your commitments and can last as long as you need. This can be an ideal option if you have unique ne…

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Making the right decision

Deciding on the right addiction treatment package can feel overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. We have contacts with a number of fantastic rehab centres across the country that offer a range of different treatment packages. We can help you assess your needs and guide you towards the right treatment package for you. Contact us today, and our compassionate professionals will help you get started.

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What do I consider when choosing the best rehab treatment package for me?
When choosing the best rehab treatment package, think about how severe your addiction is and what kind of support you need. Consider whether you prefer staying at a rehab centre or getting treatment while living at home. Also, look for a programme that offers both medical and emotional help, and that includes aftercare to help you stay on track once you leave. It’s all about finding a plan that fits your life and makes you feel supported every step of the way.