90 Day Treatment Package

A 90-day rehab package is designed to give you enough time and space to tackle every aspect of addiction and recovery. With three months to focus on getting better, you will have the chance to detox completely, dive deep into therapy and learn new ways to stay sober long after the 90 days are up. This longer programme is recommended for people with long-standing or severe addictions who need more time to heal, those who have tried shorter programmes and those dealing with dual diagnoses. The extended time allows for a more thorough approach to treatment, providing the support and structure needed to make lasting changes.

Here are the most important features of a 90-day rehab treatment package:

1. Comprehensive detox and stabilisation

Detox is the first major step of the treatment process. It means getting all the harmful substances out of your body so you can begin healing and move on to therapy with a cleaner bill of health.

Detox can be challenging and sometimes risky to do alone because withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can produce dangerous and unpleasant symptoms. With a 90-day rehab programme, you will have experienced medical staff to help you through this process safely. This is how detox works:

Evaluation and detox planning

When you arrive, healthcare professionals will evaluate your health and discuss your substance use history. This helps them design a detox plan just for you.

Medical observation and withdrawal support

Throughout detox, you then will receive medical care to help manage withdrawal symptoms and keep you comfortable, including medications if needed. Your medical team will keep a close watch on you throughout the different stages of withdrawal, making sure everything is going well and addressing any issues right away.

Emotional counselling

Detox can also be tough on your emotions so there will be counsellors available to support you and help you handle any difficult feelings.

A 90-day programme is especially helpful because it allows for a slower, more thorough detox, which is important for substances that can have long-lasting withdrawal symptoms and need extended care. This is common with alcohol rehab treatment and in some drug rehab cases such as with stimulants like benzodiazepines.

2. In-depth rehab therapy sessions

Therapy is a big part of getting better and learning how to handle life without substances. With a 90-day rehab package, you will have plenty of time to really dig into your issues and find what works for you.

Some common rehab therapy approaches include:

One-to-one therapy
This involves a personal therapist who will listen and help you understand what has happened in your life to turn you to drugs or alcohol. Together, you will come up with effective ways to stay sober and deal with the tough situations that life throws up. There are various rehab therapies that can take place on an individual basis but they will almost certainly include CBT and DBT to work on your thoughts and behaviours.
Group therapy
Being with others who know what you’re going through can be very comforting. In group therapy, you will share stories, support each other and learn new ways to cope. This can help you feel connected and less alone and also make new friends who can support you during and after the 90 days.
Family therapy
Addiction affects everyone close to you. Family therapy aims to fix strained relationships and build a supportive environment for when you go home. Your loved ones will also get advice on how to create a sober living environment for when you return home and how to look after themselves during tough times in your recovery.

Spending three months in therapy gives you the time you need to make real changes, find what works best for you and get ready for life after rehab.

3. Holistic healing approaches

With a 90-day rehab package, there is ample time to focus on nurturing your overall well-being, not just addressing the physical or mental aspects of addiction. Holistic activities are an essential part of this process, helping you find a sense of calm and wellness:


Yoga sessions help you relax and connect with your body and are a great way to reduce stress and improve your health. You will learn poses and stillness techniques that you can continue to practise after rehab to keep your mind and body balanced.


Meditation helps calm your mind and can lower anxiety and cravings. It is a useful tool for staying focused on your recovery and for coping with post-rehab obstacles.

Art therapy

Art therapy allows you to express your feelings and thoughts creatively. It provides a healthy outlet for your emotions and gives you a break from more intensive therapy sessions.

Sound therapy

Sound therapy uses soothing sounds and music to help reduce stress and anxiety. It can improve your mood and overall sense of well-being, making it easier to focus when temptations arise.

Other activities

Depending on the rehab centre, you may also have access to fitness classes, nature walks or nutritional guidance to support your overall health.

4. In-depth relapse prevention planning

Completing a 90-day rehab programme is a significant milestone and a cause for celebration. However, even with an extended stay, the journey to staying sober continues beyond this. Aftercare and relapse prevention are essential to ensure you remain on track once you leave rehab/

Here’s what you can expect:

Customised aftercare plans
During the 90 days, you will work with your counsellors to create a plan tailored to your needs. This will likely include outpatient therapy (sometimes offered for free as part of aftercare), attending local addiction support group meetings and regular check-ins with rehab staff to keep you engaged and accountable.

Creating a support network
You will also be put in contact with local resources like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous to remain part of a supportive community. If you have been working through a 12-step programme during rehab, some of the final steps can be completed with the guidance of these groups. Many rehab centres also have an Alumni Network, where you can keep in touch with your friends and counsellors, attend events and access extra resources and support.
Life skills training
90-day treatment packages also have time to teach you practical skills for managing stress, job readiness and healthy living, ensuring you are well-prepared for life after rehab.
Relapse prevention techniques
You will develop strategies to identify and avoid triggers and learn what to do if you feel the urge to start drinking or using drugs again.
Medication management
Proper use of medications is crucial both during and after rehab. During your 90-day stay, you will learn how to manage any prescribed medications to support your recovery and prevent misuse. This ongoing education helps ensure that medications aid your recovery without becoming a new problem when you finish treatment.

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If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, choosing a 90-day rehab package might be the most important decision you make in your life. With three months dedicated to your recovery, you will have the time and support you need to make a complete transformation. We have vast experience and knowledge of rehab centres across the UK and can help you find the right 90-day rehab package to turn your life around once and for all. Contact us today to take charge of your own recovery.

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What will a 90-day rehab package cover?

A 90-day rehab package includes detox, therapy, holistic healing activities, life skills training, medication management and comprehensive aftercare planning. It is a thorough programme designed to leave no aspect of addiction unaddressed. 


Is a 90-day rehab package enough time to achieve recovery?

A 90-day rehab package provides extensive support and time to build a bedrock for recovery. However, staying sober is often a lifelong battle with the need for continuous support and motivation.



How much does a typical 90-day rehab package cost?

Different rehab centres offer various services and amenities so the cost of a 90-day rehab package can vary. For precise pricing and details, it’s best to reach out to the rehab centre directly to find out what they offer.