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Our Help Guides offer valuable information regarding the realities of addiction and how to address them. Here, you can learn ways to determine whether an addiction is present, the best ways to seek help for yourself or a loved one suffering, and how you can most effectively support those who might be experiencing issues with addiction.


Guides for Understanding Addiction

Man drinking alcohol

How To Identify Addiction

Addiction is a complex brain disorder where someone feels compelled to use drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences.

Man experiencing a comedown

How To Recognise A Comedown As An Addiction Symptom

A comedown is the period after the peak effects of a drug, where the substance is leaving your bloodstream.


How To Recognise Aphasia As An Addiction Symptom

Aphasia refers to a range of disorders that affect the way that we communicate.

Woman struggling with blurred vision

How To Recognise Blurred Vision As An Addiction Symptom

Like all other organs in our bodies, our eyes are supplied with blood.

Woman struggling with constipation

How To Recognise Constipation As An Addiction Symptom

Research suggests that between 25 and 30% of the population experience chronic constipation.

Woman feeling euphoric

How To Recognise Euphoria As An Addiction Symptom

The American Psychological Association defines euphoria as ‘extreme happiness and an elevated sense of well-being.

Woman feeling irritable

How To Recognise Irritability As An Addiction Symptom

Irritability occurs due to disruption to the brain’s pathways associated with reward and stress.

Man experiencing a mood swing

How To Recognise Mood Swings As An Addiction Symptom

Mood swings can arise from a variety of sources, both psychological and physiological, impacting emotional states and causing fluctuations in a person’s mood over a short period of time.

Man struggling with an alcohol addiction

Recognising Physical Dependence As An Addiction Symptom

Physical dependency refers to a physiological state that happens due to chronic use of certain substances.


Guides for Navigating Detox

Man with chest pain

How To Deal With Chest Pain During Detox

Chest pain is any discomfort, pressure or tightness in the chest.

Woman on LSD

How To Deal With Hallucinations During Detox

Unlike other narcotics, not all hallucinogens have withdrawal symptoms.

Woman struggling with her emotions

How To Deal With Emotions During Detox

The overwhelming emotions experienced during detox happen for multiple reasons.

Woman having a panic attack

How To Deal With Panic Attacks During Detox

Panic attacks are a common symptom of withdrawal.

Man sweating excessively

How To Deal With Perspiration During Detox

Sweating is a normal part of the detox process.

Woman with head pain

How To Deal With Seizures During Detox

Seizures can occur as a result of substance withdrawal during detoxification.

Man experiencing tremors

How To Deal With Tremors During Detox

A tremor is a ‘neurological condition that includes shaking or trembling movements in one or more parts of the body.

Woman drinking whilst pregnant

How To Detox During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant individuals are typically advised to refrain from particular substances.

Woman smoking whilst pregnant

How To Drug Detox While Pregnant

Using substances during pregnancy is more common than many people realise.

Woman detoxing at home

How To Handle Detoxification At Home

Detoxing at home can offer a range of benefits, as well as risks.

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Guides for Navigating Addiction Recovery

Concept on anhedonia

How To Cope With Anhedonia During Recovery

Anhedonia is the inability to experience pleasure or joy, and it’s extremely common in alcohol addiction, drug addiction and addiction recovery.

Man experiencing depression

How to cope with depression in recovery

Addiction recovery is a challenging journey that requires considerable strength and perseverance.

Man feeling guilty

How To Cope With Guilt In Recovery

Along with depression and anxiety, guilt is a major challenge you may face in recovery and is extremely common.

Man struggling with emotions

How To Cope With Infidelity In Recovery

Whether it was you or your partner who strayed, infidelity can feel devastating.

Man struggling to hold his emotions in

How To Handle Difficult Life Situations During Recovery

Everyone deals with life’s little annoyances, from a stressful day at work to a surprise bill. But for someone in addiction recovery, these irritations can feel amplified.

Man in therapy

How To Handle Success And Avoid Self Sabotage

Self-efficacy has been extensively studied in addiction recovery and is very beneficial.

Depiction of a struggling marriage

How To Salvage Your Marriage In Recovery

Recovery following addiction is a journey that requires patience and understanding from both partners in a relationship.


Guides for Life After Addiction

Job interview

Finding A Job After Rehab

Emerging from addiction rehab is a significant milestone, marking the start of a new chapter in your life. However, one of the most daunting challenges you may face post-rehab is finding a job.

Person creating a relapse prevention plan

How To Create A Successful Relapse Prevention Plan

A relapse prevention plan is a personalised document that will help you determine your risk of relapse and clarify your thoughts on how to handle these risks.

Women struggling to resist urges

How To Make It Through Your First Sober Weekend

Giving up alcohol is tough, and if alcohol was a significant part of your weekends until now, you will likely be experiencing mixed feelings.

Person making a payment

How To Manage Your Finances After Addiction

Addiction can rapidly impact financial resources, leaving individuals and their dependents grappling with overwhelming debt.


Guides for Helping Addicted Loved Ones

An alcoholic dad

How To Deal With Addicted Parents

According to the Children’s Commissioner for England, from 2019 to 2020, nearly half a million children lived with a parent battling addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Person struggling with alcohol

How To Help An Alcoholic

When someone is dealing with an alcohol addiction, this often has a ripple effect, meaning that the lives of loved ones are also coloured by the presence of addiction.

A loved one struggling with addiction

How To Help Loved Ones Struggling With Addiction

When we think of addiction, we typically focus on the thoughts, feelings and health of the person battling the dependency themselves.

Child suffering from addiction

How To Help Your Child Suffering With Addiction

Discovering your child has an addiction is a shattering experience. Addiction is difficult no matter what age the addicted person is, but childhood addiction comes with some unique risks.

A man supporting his wife during her addiction

How To Support Your Spouse In Recovery

We have put together a short guide that covers three different scenarios, all with the same core element; how to support your spouse in addiction recovery.

An addiction intervention

How To Stage An Intervention

An intervention is a carefully planned process aimed at helping someone overcome problematic behaviour.


Guides for Avoiding Mixing Alcohol and Drugs

Alcohol and heroin

Dangers Of Mixing Heroin And Alcohol

There’s no one reason why people mix heroin and alcohol. Some people may mix it for the very reason that it’s dangerous – they can multiply and enhance the depressant effects of each other.

Person mixing skunk weed with heroin

Dangers Of Mixing Skunk Weed With Heroin

Skunk weed is a strain of cannabis that contains very high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the main psychoactive component that induces the feeling of being high.