14 Day Treatment Package

A 14-day rehab package offers an extended opportunity for recovery, providing a balance between convenience and effective treatment. It is designed to give you enough to detox and begin addressing the underlying issues of your addiction through therapy and support. Whether you are in the early stages of addiction or seeking help after a relapse, a 14-day rehab package can provide the intensive care you need to start your journey to sobriety.

The benefits of a 14-day rehab package

While a 14-day rehab package is less intense than a longer rehab treatment programme, it still has major benefits that can make a big difference in your life. Here are some of the main advantages:

  • Extended support for a thorough detox and longer-lasting withdrawal
  • Time begin addressing underlying issues and working on long-term solutions
  • Time for initial relapse prevention planning
  • A reset for people in the early phases of addiction or who have recently relapsed

Here’s what a 14-day rehab package involves:

1. Detox

Starting your 14-day treatment with detox is essential because it helps clear your body of the substances you’ve been using. Doing this with medical supervision is really important because quitting “cold turkey” on your own can be both uncomfortable and unsafe. In a medically supervised detox, you will be in the hands of experienced professionals who will look after you and keep you safe.

In the beginning, your detox team will spend time understanding your medical background and substance use, allowing them to craft a detox plan tailored to you. You will receive care to ease withdrawal symptoms, including possible medications to support your recovery. The staff will monitor your progress closely throughout the withdrawal period to address any issues quickly and provide support to help you manage the emotional strain.

2. Rehab therapy

Most 14-day rehab packages will have a mixture of different rehab therapies. Over the two weeks, these therapies will give you the chance to really dig into understanding your addiction and learning how to manage it.
In individual therapy, you will sit down with an experienced therapist who will listen to your personal story, your struggles and your goals. This is a safe space where you can start to build trust, talk about what triggers your substance use and work on personal strategies to cope.

Group therapy is also a big part of a 14-day rehab package where you will meet others who are going through similar challenges. This can help you feel less alone (a common side-effect of addiction) and allow you to learn from others’ journeys.

Your therapists will guide you in finding ways to handle cravings and stress, help you understand your emotions better and set small, achievable goals to keep you motivated. By the end of your 14-day stay, you will have a clearer picture of your addiction and some solid tools to help you keep moving forward in your recovery.

3. Family support

The effects of addiction ripple out to your loved ones, so 14-day rehab packages involve families in the process to help heal relationships and build a stronger support network for when you return home.

Family therapy sessions will provide a space for your loved ones to learn more about addiction and how to support you through your recovery. These sessions can help open up communication and address any conflicts or misunderstandings.

Your family members will also get guidance on how to care for themselves while supporting you, creating a healthier environment for everyone involved. This can be hugely beneficial and is a feature of 14-day packages, which may not be possible during shorter programmes.

4. Medication management

If you have been prescribed medications for your cravings, withdrawal symptoms or any related mental health issues, a 14-day rehab package will provide ongoing medical supervision to ensure their safe use. You will also be taught how to continue this safe management once the two weeks are up to prevent any potential problems.

This is particularly important if you are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms when it is time to leave rehab. This can be common with certain types of drug rehab like benzodiazepines, where withdrawal can last for months and opioids, which often require medications to replace heroin or other drugs.

5. Holistic healing

14-day rehab packages have a little more time to take a holistic approach, rather than just dealing with physical dependency through detox. You may take part in activities like yoga, meditation and art therapy, all aimed at helping you find balance and peace.

By the end of the two weeks, you’ll have been introduced to several holistic practices that you can continue using to support your recovery and overall health after discharge.

6. Aftercare and relapse prevention

Completing a 14-day rehab package is a significant achievement, but aftercare and relapse prevention are crucial to help you stay on track. Many rehab centres offer continued support even after your stay, ensuring you have the necessary resources and guidance.

You will likely have access to ongoing therapy, regular check-ins with your counsellors and referrals to local support groups. For example, many people attend Alcoholics Anonymous after completing a 14-day alcohol rehab treatment programme to help them with the transition back to daily life.

During the 14-day rehab package, you will also be assisted in making a relapse prevention plan. This will employ some of the strategies you learned during rehab to help you maintain your sobriety and deal with any difficult moments post-rehab.

Who can benefit from a 14-day rehab package?

A 14-day rehab package is ideal for those in the early stages of addiction or those who have relapsed and need a more intensive programme than a 7-day option. It’s also suitable for individuals who require a combination of detox and therapy but may not need the full 28-day programme typically recommended for more severe cases.

Crucially, a 14-day rehab package may not be suitable if you have a deeply ingrained, long-standing addiction and co-occurring physical or mental health issues. These will likely need a longer, more intensive treatment programme to keep you safe during withdrawal and make lasting therapeutic progress.

Discussing your specific situation with an addiction treatment professional can help determine if a 14-day rehab package is right for you.

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If you are in need of urgent addiction treatment, a 14-day rehab package can provide the support you need. These packages offer immediate help, stabilising your condition in the short term and helping you build a plan for long-term recovery. With connections to rehab centres across the UK, we can help you find the right 14-day package. Contact us today to explore your options and find the right package for you.

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What will a 14-day rehab package cover?
A 14-day rehab package includes a medically supervised detox and therapy to help you understand your addiction. It sets a strong foundation for continued support after the programme is finished with aftercare services to keep you on track.
Is a 14-day rehab package enough time to achieve recovery?
A 14-day rehab package can help build solid foundations but you will likely need further support and treatment to maintain sobriety.
How much does a typical 14-day rehab package cost?
14-day rehab costs can vary, so contact any rehab centre you are considering for up-to-date pricing and details.