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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

Accepting that Addiction is a Part of Your Life

The term ‘addiction’ is commonly used by people to describe an unhealthy relationship that they may have with a variety of substances or activities. However, for some individuals, addiction is a very real problem that causes an enormous amount of devastation in their lives.

If you do have an addiction, then you are probably aware that a particular substance or activity is causing problems in your life. You may already know that your relationships are suffering because you cannot control your urges. However, like many other individuals in a similar position to yours, you may prefer to live in denial.


The reality is that there is a certain stigma around addiction that causes those affected to bury their heads in the sand. Those who suffer from addiction often believe that they are weak or bad for having this problem, thinking that others will judge them because of it. Shame and embarrassment often stop those with addictions from admitting they have a problem and from getting the help they need.

Do You Have an Addiction?

If your loved ones have expressed concerns about your behaviour and are worried that you may have an addiction, it is probably time to have a hard look at your life. Ask yourself the following questions?

  • Have you recently lost time at work because of a particular substance or activity?
  • Have you noticed a change in your work performance because of preoccupation with a specific substance or activity?
  • Has your work suffered because you were suffering from a bad comedown, hangover or lack of sleep?
  • Are you spending money that you cannot afford on a particular substance or activity? Are you having financial difficulties as a result?
  • Do you regularly drink or take drugs at a time of the day that is considered socially unacceptable?
  • Do you feel agitated or anxious when you cannot get your hands on a particular substance or when you are deprived of a particular activity?
  • Do you no longer enjoy activities you once did because you are preoccupied with a substance or activity?
  • Have you tried to quit but been unsuccessful?
  • Are your loved ones worried about you?
  • Do you try to hide your behaviour from loved ones because they would not understand?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, then your loved ones are probably right to be worried. You may have been uncomfortable answering the questions and, if so, you could well have a dependency that needs to be addressed. If you have answered yes to three or more of the above questions, then it is very likely that you are already suffering from an addiction.

The good news is that because you are here and actually coming to terms with the fact that you could have a problem, it means you are on the right path to recovery. One of the most important steps on the road to recovery is accepting that addiction has become a major part of your life.

A Treatable Illness

It is important at this stage to remember that addiction is not something that affects bad or morally weak people. It is an illness and is similar to other physical or mental illnesses. However alone and isolated you have felt recently, know that you are not alone and this is an illness that can be treated.

Many organisations offer intensive and supportive treatment for those with addiction, and millions of people around the world have already been helped to overcome their problems. Provided you are now prepared to commit to a programme of recovery, you can get better. You just need the right help and support. Remember, even those with the most severe addictions can recover.

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