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Did Addiction Cause John Galliano’s Infamous Anti-Semitic Outbursts?

John Galliano is probably one of the most famous British fashion designers, having headed two of France’s most prolific fashion houses in Givenchy and Christian Dior. He was born in Gibraltar and educated in England, going on to become one of the most high profile names in the business.

Fall from Grace

However, in 2011, Galliano’s behaviour led to his fall from grace when he was accused and convicted of anti-Semitic behaviour. In a couple of incidents in a Paris cafĂ©, he hurled drunken anti-Semitic abuse at customers and he was arrested; a French court imposed a suspended fine. Dior sacked the star whose image was now tarnished. Galliano blamed an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and the pressures of work. His outbursts resulted in his clothes being boycotted by Jewish retailers and, after a public backlash, Galliano retreated from the fashion industry, spending the last three years in a French country retreat with his boyfriend.


Galliano is now back, but only time will tell if this once superstar of the fashion world has been rehabilitated. It seems as if the fashion industry is keen to forgive him, with Maison Martin Margiela appointing him as their design chief. Others are eager to downplay the seriousness of Galliano’s offences and seem all too willing to forget or just brush it under the carpet. However, some feel that his words were more than just a drink-fuelled outburst.

How Alcohol Affects Behaviour

Alcohol can affect people in many ways. Drinking too much alcohol can cause health problems such as some types of cancer, liver disease and high blood pressure. However, drinking too much alcohol also affects behaviour.

For most people, alcohol makes them feel happy, a bit woozy, loud, enthusiastic, and extroverted. There are many ‘good’ effects but there are also many bad effects. Some people’s behaviour completely changes when under the influence of alcohol and not necessarily for the better. Aggressive behaviour is a common symptom of too much alcohol and, for some people, mental health issues also become a problem. Conditions such as anxiety, paranoia, depression, and even schizophrenia in some cases, can be a direct result of an individual consuming too much alcohol.

Suicide among Alcoholics

The Mental Health Foundation has reported that 65 per cent of all suicides have a direct link to excessive alcohol consumption. Moreover, approximately 70 per cent of men who commit suicide will drink alcohol before they do so. Almost a third of suicides in young people happen while the person is under the influence of alcohol.

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to addiction, which can result in disrupted sleeping patterns among other things. When insomnia becomes an issue, it can lead to other problems such as depression, anxiety, and even psychosis.

Other Effects of Too Much Alcohol

There are other ways in which alcohol affects behaviour, resulting in injuries or accidents. Because alcohol affects the parts of the brain responsible for controlling concentration, decision-making, behaviour, coordination, and emotions, affected individuals often end up in situations in which they are at risk of injury. There is a greater chance of becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour when drunk, as is having a road accident. In addition, some of the most common casualties of excessive alcohol are relationships with loved ones or work colleagues, as in the case of John Galliano.

Getting Help

An alcohol addiction can cause destruction to a person’s life. Their drunken behaviour can result in breakdown of relationships and can even cause the person to lose their job. It is important to get help as soon as possible for alcohol addiction; Rehab Helper can offer the advice and support you need to get the right treatment.


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