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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice
24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

Do Not Let Addiction Destroy Your Life

Addiction can occur for many reasons. Some people struggle to cope with the pressures of daily life and substances such as alcohol and drugs may make them feel better for a while. However, the more drugs and alcohol that a person takes, the more tolerant they will become. This means that the longer they continue to take these substances, the less effect they will have on them.

They may soon begin to feel as though they need more of the substance to experience the same pleasure and happiness that they once did, and before long they will have developed a dependence on it. They may find that they can no longer function without the drugs or alcohol; when they are not taking, they are thinking about taking. This is when addiction becomes an issue.

What started as something to make them feel better has developed into a full-blown addiction and it will bring its own set of problems, inevitably being worse than those the individual was trying to deal with initially.

Making a Decision to Quit

Many addicts will deny they have a problem until it gets to a point at which denial is no longer possible. Some addicts think they are beyond help so are unwilling to even try. Others will only accept they have a problem when they reach a point where their lives have reached rock bottom. For some it is an ultimatum or a shock of some kind that kick starts them into action.

William Thomas Cochrane is an example of an addict who sought help for his cocaine addiction after being arrested and facing the possibility of a jail sentence. The father of four had regularly smoked cannabis before trying cocaine, to which he quickly became addicted. He began dealing in cannabis in a bid to fund his cocaine addiction and, in December 2013, police found quantities of cannabis in his home along with more than £10,000 in cash.

Since being arrested, Cochrane has been free from drugs and he continues to get help to aid his recovery. However, despite his lawyer urging the judge to suspend a jail sentence or give a community service order, he was sentenced to eight months in prison. The judge said that because Cochrane was selling drugs, a prison sentence was required.

The Effects of Addiction

In the case of Cochrane, a father of four with an expensive cocaine habit will now spend time behind bars for a decision he made while in the grips of his addiction. Many addicts will resort to measures they would have thought unthinkable before suffering with addiction. The problem is that their need for the substance they are addicted to becomes so strong that they cannot think of anything else.

They often neglect other important areas of their lives, and relationships suffer as well. Mr Cochrane’s four children will now spend time away from their father. The decisions that he made while under the influence of a drug addiction have had far-reaching consequences.

Get Help As Soon As Possible

Cochrane is not the first person to face a prison sentence because of a drug addiction and he will certainly not be the last. If you are suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction then you need to get help as soon as possible so that you do not end up in a similar situation. Do not let your addiction ruin your life any longer. Take control now and let Rehab Helper provide you with the information you need to make a change. We can put you in touch with a suitable treatment provider today so that you can get your life back.


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