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How Addiction Affects Children

So many people around the UK are struggling to deal with the effects of addiction. This illness can destroy lives and have an adverse effect on families. There are many different types of addiction including drug, alcohol, gambling, sex, and shopping. Those affected often become selfish and think of nothing but the thing they are addicted to. They may begin to neglect relationships and responsibilities, which can have a devastating impact on all those around them.

Spouses of addiction sufferers often struggle to deal with their loved one, and, in many cases, marriages break down as a result. However, the forgotten victims of addiction are often the children of those with the illness. Parental addiction can be distressing for children, who may feel neglected and isolated.

In many homes, children of addicted parents do not get the care they require, and they may be subjected to unpredictable behaviour on the part of the parent with the addiction. Parental substance abuse can be scary for these children, and it could affect them in later life. Family members who are addicted to substances such as drugs and alcohol may become violent or aggressive while under the influence, which can be extremely frightening for youngsters. These children may even begin to blame themselves if they do not comprehend what addiction is and what it can do.

Effects of Addiction on Children

Children of addicts could face neglect, abuse, and financial hardship. Because addiction often leads to marriage breakdown, the children may also have to face the trauma of their parent’s separation or divorce and, in extreme cases, the children may be placed into care and have to deal with abandonment issues. Children of addicted parents may face many years of therapy to help them cope while some may even turn to drugs or alcohol themselves when they get older, as this is how they have learned to deal with stress.

Addiction often causes adults to act in a volatile manner, which can be difficult for children to understand. Children of addicts can be confused by their parent’s changing behaviour, especially if the parent suffers from mood swings. Young children do not know what addiction is, and they may begin to blame themselves when their parent is angry or aggressive. This can lead to becoming withdrawn, anxious, and frightened.

The older a child gets, the more they may start to understand their parent’s addiction. However, they may be ashamed of their parent and could consequently be afraid to invite friends to their home for fear that their addicted parent will embarrass them. This can lead to the child becoming withdrawn and isolated in school. If they have been neglected while growing up, they may become the target for bullies who could focus on their appearance or lack of hygiene.

Lasting Damage

Children of addicted individuals may not be aware that their parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol because they simply do not understand what addiction is. They may, therefore, feel that the way their parent acts is somehow their fault, which can affect them in later life.

These children may struggle in school as they are not getting any help from home, and this can affect their chances of a successful career in the future.

Many children of addicted parents will develop mental and physical health problems from the stress of living with a volatile individual.

Help for Addiction

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