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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
Immediate Access for help and advice

How Addiction Can Affect Decisions

Any addiction can have a devastating effect on the sufferer as well as those closest to them. However, cocaine is a very addictive substance that, once an individual is hooked, they will usually stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Cocaine gives the user a sense of happiness and well-being and induces feelings of confidence as well. Those who have taken cocaine often feel as though they can do anything. Nevertheless, these feelings do not last for very long and, when they do wear off, the user can feel depressed and sad. They will then begin to want more of the good feelings and less of the bad, so will take more and more of the drug; before long, they will be in the grip of a full-blown addiction.

Crack Cocaine

One of the most devastating drug addictions is a crack cocaine addiction. Crack is created by mixing baking soda with cocaine and it is generally smoked, which gives the user a very quick fix. The euphoric feelings are typically felt within seconds and those who are addicted to cocaine will often move on to crack because of how quickly this works. However, as quickly as the euphoria comes, it goes, and users will soon be craving more of this dangerous substance.

The Effects of a Crack Cocaine Addiction

With these feelings of euphoria few and far between, addicts will need deep pockets to afford their habit – those who run out of accessible funds often turn to crime to get the money they need to buy the drug they crave. Take Gary Lyon as an example, whose crack cocaine addiction has resulted in him being imprisoned for eighteen months for a number of thefts and fraud. The father of two conned money from strangers by telling them that he needed money to get to hospital to see his sick children. Although his daughter had suffered with leukaemia years ago, she was in remission when the crimes were committed.

Lyon was spending £50 per day on crack cocaine and needed money to pay for it. He stole from his disabled mother as well as telling innocent strangers that he had run out of fuel for his car on the way to see his sick children in hospital. He would get money from these people and promise to return it, but would give false names and numbers.

Lyon’s solicitor said that his client was ‘disgusted’ by what he had done and wanted to apologise to his victims. However, the judge felt that a prison sentence was appropriate under the circumstances.


Many addicts will feel remorse for their behaviour once they begin treatment. However, while under the control of their addiction, they do not think rationally. The cravings they feel will consume them and they can think of nothing but how to score their next fix. It is common for drug addicts to do things that they would never have done before becoming hooked on drugs.

However, addiction is a mental health issue and those suffering with it need treatment to help them break their habit. Once the addict has admitted to needing help, they need to seek treatment, as it is very difficult to do this alone.

Help is Available

If you or a loved one is suffering with a crack cocaine addiction, contact Rehab Helper. We are a referral service helping those suffering with all types of addiction and we can help you too. We can give you advice and information on how to get help for your addiction and can put you in touch with a suitable treatment provider. Call us today for professional and confidential advice.


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