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24 hours rehab
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How Addiction Does Not Discriminate

Most people have an idea of what a drug addict ‘looks’ like. The general assumption among those who have never had any experience with addiction is that drug addicts are unemployed, from poor backgrounds, prostitutes, or those who have dropped out of high school. Many believe that drug addicts live on the streets and take their drugs in squats or dark alleyways. They also believe that most drug addicts are criminals who would rob them given half a chance.

While the above assumptions are true of some drug addicts, the reality is that most individuals suffering from addiction are functioning addicts who have a home, friends, and jobs. Addiction affects both young and old, male and female, rich and poor.

Functioning Addicts

Addiction often affects work and home life, but some addicts manage to hold down jobs and take care of home life while still being dependent on certain drugs or alcohol. Not every addict will fail to control their addiction and lose their job and home.

In fact, just recently, a suited city worker was filmed snorting a line of cocaine on a busy London Underground train. The man did not try to hide what he was doing, and even offered the drug to those sitting near him.

After taking the drug, the dazed man made animal noises and screamed. The video was published by The Sun and showed the man travelling southbound on the Northern Line.

As well as snorting the drug in front of shocked passengers, the man then rubbed more into his gums. He bragged about how wasted he was and told passengers he liked taking the drug while waving a bag of it about.

Acceptable Drug

Dr Niall Campbell, from the Priory Hospital in London, upon seeing the video said, “These shocking images only underline the disinhibiting effects of drugs like these – the stigma of which is unfortunately becoming less and less as cocaine use becomes more acceptable in society.”

He also said that more and more city workers in their early twenties are using cocaine and that the hospital he works at sees many casualties of the drug. He said it is highly desirable among these people, and they are paying over the odds for it.

Cocaine Capital

A recent report highlighted London as Europe’s cocaine capital after wastewater in the city was found to have the highest concentration of cocaine. The drug is passed into the city’s sewage system from the urine of users; London had more traces than any other city surveyed. The report also found that the amount of cocaine is higher on Fridays and Saturdays, indicating that the drug is commonly used on the social scene.

London’s levels were 737 mg per 1,000 people while Amsterdam came in a close second with 716 mg. The third highest levels were in Antwerp at 632 mg per 1,000 people.

Effects of Cocaine

Cocaine is an extremely addictive drug that gives users a feeling of euphoria, well-being, energy, and increased confidence. The drug produces almost instant highs, but these effects do not last very long, and they are often followed by a comedown where the user can experience restlessness, paranoia, and anxiety. As a result, many users take more of the drug to avoid the comedown, which can quickly lead to addiction.

Help for Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction can be treated, and there are many providers working hard in the UK to help addicts kick their habit. Rehab Helper is a free service, putting addicts in touch with these organisations while providing advice and information on the treatments available. For more information, contact Rehab Helper today.


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