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How Addiction Often Causes People To Steal from Those They Love

Addiction is an illness that can have devastating consequences. Those affected by addiction will often become increasingly desperate as their addiction progresses, and many will lie and cheat to enable them to continue with their actions.

There are many types of addiction, including drug and alcohol addiction. However, individuals can be addicted to anything, with many suffering with compulsive gambling or shopping problems as well as suffering because of their inability to control spending. Yet others suffer from some form of eating disorder that affects them both mentally and physically.

Some addicts are high functioning, and those around them will not be able to tell they are hiding a secret addiction. Conversely, others are so deeply affected by their habit that it is obvious to anyone that they are suffering.


Many addicts will be unwilling to admit they have a problem until they are forced to do so. This could be because a family member has given them an ultimatum or because they have been faced with a frightening, life-threatening situation. Nonetheless, some are forced to face up to their problems when they are caught committing acts of crime out of desperation.

This is exactly what happened to Paul Severn, who had been forging his frail mother’s signature on cheques to fund his £200-a-day drug habit. Severn’s mother had been receiving care for almost five years when her son moved in with her and decided that he wanted to take over looking after her. He applied for and was granted, carer’s allowance.

In early 2014, Mrs Severn was moved to a care home after being diagnosed with dementia. Her son has never been to visit her in the care home.

Towards the end of 2014, Severn admitted to a drug support worker that he had a £200-a-day crack cocaine habit, which he was funding by forging his mother’s cheques. He was tracing her signature with tracing paper. When police officers raided his home, they found evidence of his mother’s forged signature on pieces of tracing paper in the living room. It was discovered that he had stolen a total of £13,200 from his mother’s account.


Severn’s lawyer said his client was trying to get help for his addiction and said that he stays crime-free when not on drugs. The lawyer said, “It is particularly unpleasant that he has stolen from his mother, and he will feel that shame.”

He was sentenced to twenty months in prison after pleading guilty to fraud.

Terrible Crime

Paul Severn’s crime is one that many addicts are guilty of. Stealing from loved ones is all too common among addicts who are desperate to continue taking a particular substance or engaging in a particular activity. In many cases, it can be easier to take from loved ones, especially as many family members would never agree to have the people they love punished.

It is these feelings of love and guilt that many addicts play on and learn to manipulate.

Getting Help

Addiction is an illness, so it is important that those who suffer with it get help as soon as possible. Living with an addict can be terribly stressful but reaching out to a service such as Rehab Helper can ensure that addicts and their families get the help they need to repair their situation.

If you or a loved one is suffering because of addiction issues, contact Rehab Helper today. We can put you in touch with a treatment provider from where you can get the most up to date treatments for your specific addiction. For more information on the ways in which we can help, contact us today.


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