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Euphoria Explained

Euphoria ( from the Greek meaning “to bear well”)- is the desired state of many substance abusers. Unfortunately, the quest for euphoria has led many into addiction and suffering.

What Is Euphoria?

Euphoria is the experience of a combination of intense pleasure and feelings of happiness and well-being. Humans’ search for, and their experience and understanding of, euphoria has inspired some of our most important philosophy and art throughout history, and it remains central to the human condition.

What Causes Euphoria?

The neurochemical basis of euphoria is activity in the brain’s pleasure centres known as hedonic hotspots. That activity can be caused by a varied array of factors, including but not limited to sex, love, music and dancing, exercise, fasting, and even some diseases,. Various drugs can create extremely intense and long-lasting euphoric states, which are the basis of their appeal, and which can, unfortunately, lure people into addiction.

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Euphoria as an Addiction Symptom

Euphoria is typically considered more as a symptom of substance use and abuse than of addiction itself. The quest for euphoria may drive the development of an addiction, and euphoria may be frequently observed in a drug addict. Still, addiction itself would not usually be considered a cause of euphoria – in fact, as an individual builds up a tolerance to their chosen substance/s of abuse, euphoria becomes increasingly hard to achieve, requiring ever greater quantities of the substance/s in question.

What Are the Types of Euphoria?

Each individual’s experience of euphoria is unique, and there are no distinct “types” of euphoria recognised by the medical community. Euphoria tends to be labelled according to cause (for example, “exercise-induced euphoria”, “asphyxia induced euphoria”).

What Are the Symptoms of Euphoria?

One person may display the effects of euphoria very differently from another, as the experience of intense pleasure and happiness is such a subjective one. Common symptoms may include signs of profound joy such as smiling and laughter, lightheaded exhilaration, temporary loss of the ability to speak, gasping, as well as a desire for embraces and other tactile intimacy, and orgasm.

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How Is Euphoria Diagnosed?

Euphoria is not really a condition requiring a formal medical diagnosis; it may be identified by doctors as an effect of substance use, or as a symptom of certain illnesses (including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis). Doctors are more likely to concern themselves with euphoria’s opposite, dysphoria, a negative mood state that can drive various damaging behaviours.

How Is Euphoria Treated?

Again, euphoria is not really a condition requiring treatment. Indeed, offering to “cure” someone euphoria may not elicit a particularly positive response. Still, this state may be symptomatic of other conditions requiring treatment, including, of course, substance abuse.

Ready to Get Help for Your Addiction?

If you suffer from addiction, any euphoria you may experience as a result of substance abuse may pale into insignificance when set against the potential negative consequences of your condition. However, only you can take the first step towards recovery by acknowledging your condition and reaching out for help.

Take control of your life – get started on the road to recovery

The prospect of overcoming your addiction may be a daunting one, but the benefits of treatment are incalculable. If you feel addiction dominating your life, take back control today and set out on the path back to happiness by reaching out to your GP and/or an addiction specialist.

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If you are ready to take that step, there are organisations and facilities across the UK providing assistance to people suffering from addiction. Don’t waste any more time: speak with your GP and/or an addiction specialist today to discuss treatment options which may be appropriate for you.

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