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24 hours rehab
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The Importance of Providing Support to Your Adult Child with Addiction

A judge has given a twenty-six year old woman her final chance by deferring a sixteen-month prison sentence for two years to allow her to continue with the progress she has made in cleaning up her life.

Bridget Gilhooley helped her then boyfriend Paul Binks to burgle her parent’s home and was given a six-month suspended sentence in April 2014 on the condition that she stay out of trouble and clean up her act. However, she then went on to commit a number of other crimes and found herself back in court.


While waiting for her second hearing, Gilhooley has tried to improve her life by starting counselling, reducing her alcohol intake, and enrolling on the methadone programme. She has made improvements to her behaviour and has begun to repair her relationship with her mother. Despite the fact that it is normal for those who offend during deferment to be sent straight to prison, the judge felt that sending her to prison on this occasion would not do anyone any good. He said, “It seems to me that it would be more destructive to you and society if I did so.”

Gilhooley was given a final chance to get her life in order and to continue with the progress she has made in recent months.

Coping with an Adult Child’s Addiction

One of the worst things a parent can face is the heartache of seeing their child in the grips of an addiction. It is a parent’s natural reaction to try to do everything in their power to help their child, even when that seems impossible. They must cope with the knowledge that they cannot force their child to get help if the child does not want it. Every parent wants the best for their child so to see them struggle in this way is heart breaking.

Parents will do everything possible to get their children to adulthood unscathed; when they reach the age of eighteen, they are no longer the responsibility of the parents. However, no matter what age a child is, parents will never stop worrying about them and wanting what is best for them. So how do you cope if your child becomes an addict and is slowly but surely destroying their life, or as in the case above, when they steal from you to fund their addiction?

Support Your Child

A person with an addiction needs the support of their loved ones, even if they do not show it. They may act as if they do not need you but, in order for them to break their habit, they will need those who love them around them.

It is important to remember that, while you may not want to see your child struggling financially, it is never a good idea to give them money that can then be used to fund their addiction. Offer financial support if you can for things such as rehabilitation rather than giving them money as and when this is asked for. Do not feel guilty for refusing to provide money if you know that it will be used to fund their habit.

Help Your Child to Access the Right Treatment

It is important for those suffering with addiction to be able to access the right treatment that will get them on the road to recovery. Your may find that your child wants to get better but has not put in any effort to finding help. This is something that you can help with by contacting us here at Rehab Helper.

We are a referral service with access to treatment providers all over the UK. We work with the NHS, charity organisations, and private centres all providing treatments for those suffering with addiction. Call us today for free, invaluable advice and support.


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