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24 hours rehab
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What Can People Dealing with Addiction Learn from Successful Weight Watchers?

Those struggling to lose weight face similar challenges to those trying to overcome an addiction. Of course, there are important differences between the two attempts at change (for example, weight watchers will not usually have bad withdrawals), but it is definitely possible for one group to learn from the other. Some of the most important things that those dealing with addiction can learn from successful weight watchers include those listed below.

Temporary Solutions Don’t Work

Some people struggle with weight problems for years because they keep looking for quick-fix solutions that can only offer a temporary solution at best. Yo-yo dieting can mean the person loses all the weight but, as soon as they stop dieting, will usually end up being more overweight than before they started. A similar situation happens with individuals caught up in addiction. Many believe that if they stop drinking or using drugs for a certain length of time, everything will be okay; but this approach never works. The only solution to weight problems is permanent lifestyle changes, and the same applies to those dealing with addiction.

There is No One Path that Works for Everyone

There are thousands of different paths for dealing with obesity problems because there is not one approach that works for everyone. This is also true for addiction. The important thing is that you find a path that will work for you. This can depend on a number of factors, such as your personality, your beliefs, and the nature of your addiction; there is no right way to deal with addiction, only the right way for you. If you have been repeatedly failing using one treatment option, it is probably a good idea to try something different the next time.

Have Realistic Expectations

Crash diets are so successful because they promise amazing results with minimal effort. Starving yourself for a few weeks is always going to be much easier than making permanent lifestyle changes. This is because your mind can easily become enthusiastic about temporary changes, and the fact that you seem to be getting ‘miracle results’ can give your motivation a temporary boost. The problem is that once you reach your goal, all of the exciting aspects soon vanish and the miracle solution to your problem turns into a damp squib.

Support from Others Can Make a Difference

Groups such as Weight-Watchers have helped many people not only lose the weight but to also keep it off long-term. It is just easier for individuals to achieve their goals when they feel supported, so they socialise with those trying to achieve the same thing. People who are trying to break free of addiction can also benefit greatly from a fellowship, which can be the key to achieving long-term sobriety. Most seem to be naturally drawn to the idea of going it alone, but this means not giving themselves the best chance of making a permanent change.

Important Difference between Losing Weight and Breaking Free of Addiction

Obesity can make life pretty unbearable for many people, but it is often possible to gain control of one’s weight once a suitable programme is followed. In most cases, this will be possible without the need for any type of inpatient programme (although an increasing number of people are benefiting from this type of help). The nature of addiction to alcohol or drugs means that it is not so easy to go it alone, which is why it is usually recommended that the person choose some type of inpatient rehab programme.

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