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24 hours rehab
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24 hours rehab

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24 hours rehab
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Why Do Some People Struggle to Overcome Their Addiction

Those who struggle with addiction will often find it very difficult to overcome this illness. Statistics show that most individuals who try to get help for addiction will suffer at least one relapse. For many addicts, it is necessary to make a number of attempts at rehabilitation before eventually succeeding. The important thing to remember is that recovery can be achieved, provided the individual does not give up.

Nevertheless, some people will struggle to overcome addiction no matter how hard they try. Others will just fail to see their rehabilitation through to the end for a variety of reasons. It is important that these individuals learn why they are continually struggling to overcome their demons so that they have a chance of successful recovery.

Reasons Some Struggle

Despite having a willingness to enter rehabilitation and a desire to quit, some addicts fail repeatedly. There are many reasons why this may happen; one of the biggest is not taking action once making a decision to get help. Many addicts will have periods where they feel as though they are ready to get help but unless they take action at that point, they may find their resolve begin to fade and, pretty soon, they will have slipped back into their old ways of feeding their habit.

For some addicts, the thought of living without the substance or activity to which they are addicted is unbearable. Many may experience times when they feel that there would be a benefit to them and their family if they did quit but then there are also times when they simply do not want to live a life without the pleasure they get from their habit. These people cannot fully commit to the idea of recovery.

Not getting professional help is another reason many addicts will fail to overcome addiction. Some believe that they can quit on their own and will make an attempt at recovery. However, the pull of addiction is often too strong, and they cannot go the distance.

Fear is another major factor that prevents some addicts from overcoming their demons. Many believe they are not strong enough to cope with the withdrawal symptoms that they might experience. Some will be of the opinion that these withdrawal symptoms will be too difficult to deal with and wrongly believe that they will be much worse than they actually are.

Peer pressure also plays a role in whether or not an addict will be successful in his or her recovery attempts. Just as peer pressure can be a factor in some becoming addicted in the first place, it can also be the cause of some addicts failing to see their recovery through to the end. Many addicts are unwilling to sever ties with their addicted friends, and these people may discourage them from seeking help.

Another reason for failure is that the addict feels disappointed with their progress. Many will have unrealistic expectations of how their rehabilitation is going to progress and will assume that their life will improve overnight. When this does not happen, they feel bitter and may decide their life was better when they were using.

Getting Professional Help

Professional help is essential for a successful rehabilitation. The experts at Rehab Helper have the knowledge and experience required to help addicts find the right treatments for their needs. Our fully trained advisors know which treatments are suitable for the various types of addiction and can point you in the right direction. They are also on hand to offer advice and support to those who need it, including families of addicts. Call today for more information.

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